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We know that when it comes to debt problems, everyone's situation is different. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of debt solutions - so you could find a way out of debt that's right for you.

Our expert debt advisers are on hand to give you the advice you need, so you can find the best way of dealing with your debts, at a pace you can afford.

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    Debt management

    lower your monthly payments to a level you can afford
    • Repay your debts with a single payment per month, designed to fit around all your outgoings
    • We'll deal with your lenders so you don't have to
    • Get back in control of your unsecured debts without the need of a loan
    • Can affect your credit rating for up to six years
    • Can cost more overall due to interest, as you'll be in debt for longer.

    Debt consolidation

    simplify your finances
    • Lower your payments without damaging your credit rating
    • Consolidate multiple debts into one
    • You could reduce the interest to pay on your debt
    • Can be more expensive in the long term
    • Can take you longer to repay your debts in full


    repay your debt in 5 years
    • Have single monthly payments that leave enough room for all your essential costs
    • An alternative to going bankrupt
    • Repay your unsecured debts in 5 years (in most cases)
    • Your credit rating will be affected for six years
    • If you're a homeowner, you may have to release some equity


    a low-cost alternative to bankruptcy
    • Have your monthly repayments frozen for 12 months
    • Stop your unsecured lenders from taking legal action
    • Write off any included debts after a year
    • Your credit rating will be affected for six years
    • Your details will be recorded on the Insolvency Register


    a way out of debt for people who simply can't afford to repay what they owe
    • A date when you'll know you'll be free of your debts - usually after 12 months
    • Protection from your unsecured lenders
    • A chance to make a new start with your finances once your bankruptcy has finished
    • Your home (if you own one) and valuable assets may be sold to repay your debts

    Scottish solutions

    If you live in Scotland and you're struggling with your debts, there are a number of approaches that are exclusively available to Scottish residents - depending on what situation you're in.

    Trust Deed

    debt help for Scottish borrowers with unmanageable debts
    • Have one monthly payment calculated to match your circumstances
    • An alternative to sequestration/bankruptcy
    • Pay off your unsecured debts in 3 years (usually)
    • Your credit rating will be affected for six years
    • Homeowners may be required to release some equity


    smaller payments for Scottish residents struggling with their debts
    • Lower monthly payments that you can safely afford
    • Protection from your unsecured lenders
    • Interest and charges on your debts frozen
    • Your credit rating will be affected for six years
    • You'll be in debt for longer


    route into bankruptcy
    • Enter bankruptcy without your lenders taking action first
    • Protection from your unsecured lenders
    • Write off your debts on successful completion (usually after a year)
    • Your credit rating will be affected for six years
    • Details will be entered on a public register

    Get the debt help you need - whatever your situation

    Taking action with your debts sooner rather than later could stop your problems getting any worse - and get you on the road to a debt-free future.

    We understand that debt problems come in all different shapes and sizes, and the sooner you get some debt advice, the sooner you can get your finances back under control.

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    debt advice

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    Debt help from our experts

    "If you're in debt, don't face it alone. The right help can make all the difference."
    Melanie Taylor - Debt expert

    I can no longer afford my agreed payments

    A debt management plan could be the ideal way of reducing your payments to a level you can afford - with expert help and advice along the way.

    We will:

    • Negotiate with your unsecured lenders for lower monthly payments
    • Deal with any phone calls and letters from your lenders
    • Give you any expert advice you need while your plan is in place

    If you're in this situation and you live in Scotland, the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) could also help you reduce your payments to a level you can afford.

    More on debt management plans »

    I want to make my finances simpler

    A debt consolidation loan combines multiple debts into one - giving you one affordable payment to keep on top of per month.

    Consolidating your debts means:

    • You'll have just one payment to budget for every month
    • You'll deal with just one lender
    • You'll be able to arrange payments you can afford

    More on debt consolidation »

    I can't afford to repay what I owe in a realistic amount of time

    An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) could be the ideal way of repaying what you can afford towards your debts - and write-off whatever you can't on successful completion.

    If you enter an IVA, you will:

    • Commit to make a reduced payment per month, calculated to leave enough room for your essentials
    • If you're a homeowner, your house will be protected - though you may need to release some equity during the final year
    • Have a date you'll be free of your debts - usually after 5 years

    If you're a Scottish resident, a Trust Deed could help you in much the same way - though in most cases, a Trust Deed only lasts for three years.

    More on IVAs »

    I have a low income and few assets - and can't afford to pay my debts

    A DRO (Debt Relief Order) could provide the best way of getting back on top of your debt problems if you can't afford to repay what you owe - and you also have a limited income and few valuable assets.

    If you enter a DRO, you will:

    • Have your monthly payments frozen for a year
    • Be protected from any further action from your unsecured lenders
    • Have the portion of the debt you can't afford written off after 12 months

    More on DRO »

    I simply can't afford to repay what I owe

    If you find that you simply can't afford to repay your debts in any kind of timeframe, bankruptcy could be the answer.

    Going bankrupt means:

    • You'll have a date you'll be free of your debts - typically after a year
    • You'll be protected from your lenders
    • You'll have a 'light at the end of the tunnel' for your debt problems

    If you live in Scotland, and you need to go bankrupt but your lenders have yet to take action, the LILA (Low Income, Low Assets) route into bankruptcy could be your best approach.

    More on bankruptcy »

    I don't know how to deal with my debts

    Losing control of your finances can be difficult to face - but easily done. If you're struggling to cope with your debts but you aren't sure how to tackle them, getting some advice could really help you.

    We provide expert advice without any obligation - so you can be confident you're getting the help you need from a company you can really trust.

    Speak to one of our experts on 0800 195 2911 or leave your details with us and we'll get back to you.

    More on debt advice »

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    Download the Insolvency Service document "In Debt? Dealing with your creditors" here.

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