Am I due a tax refund?

adviceMarch 19 Author: Joel Stanier

Income tax is complicated. Although it is usually automatically taken from your salary by your employer, mistakes can happen when the calculations go wrong, or if your circumstances change.

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What isn't covered by life insurance?

adviceMarch 6 Author: Joel Stanier

Life insurance is there to make sure your family could get by if you pass away. So if you are killed in a road accident or die from a heart attack, to give just two examples, your family would most likely receive a payout.

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What is an ISA account?

adviceMarch 4 Author: Joel Stanier

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. It's a tax-free savings account available to UK residents.

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How much do I need to earn to buy a house?

adviceMarch 1 Author: Lucy Bower

When you're applying for a mortgage, lenders base their decision on what they think you can realistically afford to repay - and that's based on more than just your salary. They'll also look at your credit rating, of course.

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All about DROs (Debt Relief Orders)

adviceFebruary 27 Author: Matthew Plant

A DRO could be the best way to put your debts behind you, but it can't help everyone with debt problems. Read our guide to find out whether a DRO could help you - and how it would do that.

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How do I submit a tax return?

adviceFebruary 25 Author: Matthew Plant

Plenty of us never have to submit a tax return. Read our guide to find out about taxes, tax returns and HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs).

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Do I need a bank account?

adviceFebruary 22 Author: Lucy Bower

There are many good reasons to get a bank account, and you could still get one even if you have bad credit.

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What happens to debt when you die?

adviceFebruary 15 Author: Matthew Plant

Nobody wants to think about dealing with the debts of loved ones who've passed on. But sometimes there's no way to avoid it - so we hope our guide makes it easier to understand.

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Can I save with a small salary?

adviceFebruary 14 Author: Matthew Plant

Saving is almost always worthwhile - even with a small salary. Simply having some money set aside can make you much safer financially.

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What do the numbers on my bank card mean?

adviceFebruary 13 Author: Helen Gradwell

On your bank card, you'll typically see numbers such as your sort code, account number, card number and security or 'CVC'. This guide explains what they are, and when you'll need them.

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Is Scotland the new romance capital of Europe?

adviceFebruary 11 Author: Joel Stanier

For a romantic weekend away, where would you go? Paris? Venice? Barcelona?

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Can I get out of debt on my own?

adviceFebruary 8 Author: Helen Gradwell

When you're trying to get out of debt on your own, the first step is to work out how much you can actually afford to put towards your debts. This guide explains a few ways you can get yourself out of debt in a range of financial circumstances.

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All About... getting your first mortgage

adviceFebruary 5 Author: Joel Stanier

If you want to buy a home, then choosing the right mortgage is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make.

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Most useful websites for moving house

adviceFebruary 1 Author: Joel Stanier

Finding a new home can be stressful, especially if you're not familiar with the area you're moving to. You'll probably have lots of questions - how safe is the area? What are the schools like? What's a fair price to offer on a house?

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All About Debt Management Plans

adviceJanuary 25 Author: Matthew Plant

A debt management plan could help you deal with your debts and pay them off at a rate you can afford. But it's not the answer in every case. Read our guide and find out more.

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Lucy Likes. surviving the snow

adviceJanuary 25 Author: Joel Stanier

This week, Joel's filling in for Lucy, who is unfortunately stranded in the snow, fighting off yetis to stay warm. She'll be back soon!

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5 alternatives to a savings account

adviceJanuary 24 Author: Joel Stanier

You're not alone if you're a bit disappointed by the savings rates on offer these days. According to Moneyfacts, a basic-rate taxpayer now needs a savings account with a 3.37% interest rate to beat inflation (or 4.5% for higher-rate taxpayers). In other words, the value of the money in your savings account is shrinking.

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