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A comparison of four zero interest credit cards

By Lucy Bower

24 September2021

A zero interest credit card won't charge you any interest on purchases for a fixed period of time. If you're able to repay the card within that time, you can avoid paying any interest on purchases you make on it - but if you can't, you will eventually have to pay some interest.

MSN Money offers a comparison of four zero per cent credit cards available in the run up to Christmas, when people often make larger purchases. It includes two credit cards from high street stores and two from high street banks.

Tesco Clubcard credit card

. 16 months at zero per cent interest on purchases - 16 months starts when you take out the card, not when you make the first purchase.

. Option to earn five Clubcard points for every 4 you spend in a Tesco store - including petrol purchases.

. Option to earn one point on every 4 spent elsewhere.

M&S Credit Card

.15 months at zero per cent interest on purchases.

.Option to earn one M&S reward point for every 1 spent there.

.Option to earn one point for every 2 spent elsewhere.

Halifax All in One MasterCard

.15 months at zero per cent interest.

.Zero per cent available on purchases and balance transfers.

Barclaycard 14/14 Platinum

.14 months at zero per cent interest.

.Zero per cent available on purchases and balance transfers.

Choosing the right credit card really depends on what you want and need from it. If you already shop somewhere and they offer a credit card (Sainsbury's and ASDA also have credit cards, for example), then you could earn rewards on purchases you would have made anyway.

A zero per cent credit card can also be an option if you have existing debts and want to consolidate them - paying no interest for a limited time. However, you'll need a fairly decent credit score to find deals like the one listed here. You'll also have to pay it all back within the interest-free period to avoid being charged after that time. If you have existing debts that could be difficult to repay, it might be a better option to speak to a debt adviser.

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