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Google Wallet now available on the cloud

6 August 2021
New technology is changing the way we use our credit cards. Google recently announced that its Wallet will be available 'on the cloud', in a bid to take the technology to a wider audience. ... read more »

Card readers could put you at risk of credit card fraud

30 July 2021
Security flaws have been found in some chip and PIN terminals, found in shops and restaurants, which could let thieves download your card details. Thousands of terminals will now have to be reprogrammed, according to the Telegraph. ... read more »

4 billion credit card settlement for US retailers

23 July 2021
When you buy something in a shop with a debit or credit card, the retailer has to pay your card provider a fee for processing the payment.... read more »

Some people 'setting themselves up' for credit card fraud online

16 July 2021
There are a number of ways that credit card fraudsters can get hold of your card information - like sending fake emails that look like they are from your financial institution, requesting your card numbers, etc.... read more »

Asda to bring out credit card

9 July 2021
The second-largest supermarket chain in the UK, Asda, is rebranding its personal finance division as Asda Money, and will introduce a credit card with a cashback scheme. ... read more »

Brits 'will pay 125 million in overseas credit card charges'

2 July 2021
Prepaid credit card provider Caxton FX says that holidaymakers could be paying as much as 125 million unnecessarily this summer, just by paying in pounds rather than foreign currency while on holiday, reports The Telegraph.... read more »

Helpful parents leave 'children' with no credit history

25 June 2021
A quarter of parents have taken out credit for their grown-up kids, according to thisismoney.co.uk. Credit report service Noddle warns young adults that they could be shooting themselves in the foot by not creating their own credit histories. ... read more »

New credit card fraud threat

11 June 2021
Police have uncovered a new sophisticated form of credit card fraud that has already claimed a Consultant Oncologist as a victim, according to thisismoney.co.uk.... read more »

Debit and credit card charges fought by BRC

28 May 2021
Whenever you use your debit or credit card in a shop, the retailer has to pay a fee to your card provider to process the transaction. Hundreds of millions of pounds in these transaction fees are paid out every year by retailers. ... read more »

'Get a credit card in your own name for credit history' says Noddle

21 May 2021
According to credit report service Noddle, there are seven million 'credit virgins' in the UK at the moment - adults with no credit history. ... read more »

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