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Soca raids close websites selling credit card details

14 May 2021
36 websites selling credit card details and other personal information have been closed down following two years of observation by Soca, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, reports the BBC. ... read more »

Fears about contactless card technology

30 April 2021
There are now 20 million people in the UK with access to contactless debit and credit cards, but the Daily Mail reports that fraudsters could steal your cards details from the 'radio waves' emitted - and recommends covering your contactless credit card with tin foil to avoid fraud. ... read more »

Some store card debts 'could be unenforceable'

16 April 2021
Defaulting card holders of some store-branded credit cards could be let off repaying their debts following a recent court ruling, reports the BBC. ... read more »

Annual credit card statements introduced

2 April 2021
If, when your credit card statement lands on your doormat, you find a purchase you forgot about, how likely is it that you would remember something you bought on credit six or even 12 months ago?... read more »

Credit cards are 'priority number 10'

26 March 2021
Paying off the credit card and overdraft is seen as more important than trips to the cinema or saving up for a new car - but less important than trips to the pub or restaurant. ... read more »

Credit cards: when the rate rises.

19 March 2021
What are your options when you hear that the interest rate on your credit card is about to rise? Drawing on a few experts' opinions, an article in yesterday's Independent takes a look at the question.... read more »

Credit card trends show who's keen to save money

5 March 2021
Figures about credit card usage indicate that more and more middle-class shoppers are shopping at discount stores. An article in The Telegraph explains.... read more »

NY: credit card taxi rides on the up

27 February 2021
Look at the Big Apple and you'll see more and more people using credit cards to pay for their taxi rides. In New York City, 47% of January's taxi rides were paid for by credit cards - a massive jump on the 2009 figure (just after taxis were fitted with card readers as standard), when credit cards paid for around 33% of trips.... read more »

Credit cards: better protection for wireless payments

20 February 2021
Thanks to contactless technology, many credit cards are now capable of making payments with a simple wave at a machine called a reader. However, there are concerns about the safety of this kind of credit card - which is why researchers are working on a 'simple solution' to the problem.... read more »

Could a credit card help 'repair' your credit rating?

13 February 2021
The charity National Debtline has said that it currently deals with five times as many cases involving a payday loan as it did 18 months ago, This is Money reports - due in part to people with a damaged credit rating looking for alternative forms of credit. ... read more »

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