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Payday firms could change credit card market

6 February 2021
Payday companies could really change the future of the credit card, which is facing what's been called a 'mid-life crisis' - 45 years after it was introduced. ... read more »

Credit cards: protection if a shop goes bust

23 January 2021
At a time when companies are failing and even well-known names are disappearing from our high streets, one of the best ways to protect your purchases is simply to use a credit card, as an article in The Telegraph reminds us. ... read more »

Credit card retail spending down; transactions up

16 January 2021
2011 saw a decline in retail spending on credit cards, although the actual number of transactions grew. Credittoday.co.uk tells us more about this research from Santander. ... read more »

Credit card limits rising

9 January 2021
Credit card limits increased in the closing months of last year, as did the approval rates for other types of unsecured loans - and the availability of unsecured credit on the whole. Just some of the Bank of England's findings, as reported in its latest Credit Conditions Survey. ... read more »

OFT tackles 'confusing travel money charges'

21 December 2011
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has won agreement from banks and travel money providers to improve the information about available options for consumers buying foreign currency in the UK, or using debit and credit cards abroad. ... read more »

Credit cards at Christmas

12 December 2011
When Christmas comes around, plenty of us will run into more expenses than we expected. If and when that happens, it's often tempting to turn to some kind of borrowing - something which a third of us will do this year, a recent study indicates. ... read more »

Credit cards: plastic spending hits a new record

5 December 2011
In October this year, we used our plastic - credit cards and debit cards - more than ever before. ... read more »

Credit cards 'being paid off more slowly'

28 November 2011
Credit card holders in the UK are repaying less of their balance than they have at any time in the last two years. At the same time, worryingly, the number of people using their credit cards to get cash advances is at the highest level we've seen in that time. ... read more »

Cash or credit card? How credit makes spending 'less painful'

21 November 2011
There's a big difference in the way we look at our purchases, depending on how we're planning to pay for them: with a credit card or with cash. ... read more »

Credit cards - what's out there?

7 November 2011
As Christmas nears, most of us are starting to think about the parties, the presents, the people - and paying for it all!... read more »

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