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A credit card at Christmas?

31 October 2011
When Christmas actually arrives, it's easy to realise we've not prepared as well as we should have done. From food and drink to parties and presents, Christmas is an expensive time of year, and even the best-planned budget can fall short in the face of all those costs.... read more »

Credit card secrets

17 October 2011
A credit card is something that many of us keep from our partner. There are all kinds of reasons for keeping it secret, but recent research indicates that one in 12 people with a partner hold a credit card (or prepaid card) that they've not told their other half about. ... read more »

Credit card popularity 'declines'

10 October 2011
... read more »

Credit card spending 'due to rise'

3 October 2011
... read more »

Pre-paid credit cards: pros & cons

26 September 2011
For many people, pre-paid credit cards make a lot of sense. Since they can't spend more than they've loaded on their card, they can't end up spending more than they'd expected to.... read more »

Credit cards in the USA - a bit of good news?

19 September 2011
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Credit card costs 'peak in middle age'

12 September 2011
At different times in our lives, we have different expenses to deal with. A lot of people approaching retirement face pretty small mortgage payments, while homeowners in middle age are more likely to face financial pressures from all sides, from credit card and student loan repayments to saving up for their own children's university costs.... read more »

Stolen credit card details worth £300m recovered

5 September 2011
Details stolen from over a million credit cards throughout Europe - estimated to be worth around 300 million - have been recovered by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence agency, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Scotland and credit cards - some official figures

22 August 2011
In Scotland, almost 700,000 people have run up credit card balances of 'as much as 30,000', according to the latest Scottish Household Survey. The Express provides some details.... read more »

The credit card habit: how do we use them?

15 August 2011
How do we use our credit cards? How much thought do we put into it when we're paying with them? A recent survey questioned over 2,000 people to find out how they handle their plastic.... read more »

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