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People 'returning to credit cards'

8 August 2011
People are once more using their credit cards and debit cards 'in the wake of the recession'. So says an article in the Daily Mail, which looks at how Visa fared between April and June this year.... read more »

Offer periods for 0% credit cards double

1 August 2011
Introductory rate offers on credit cards have improved whereas interest rates charged on credit cards overall have risen by 2.6% over the past five years, as reported by The Financial Times.... read more »

Interest-free credit cards: 2-year term on offer

25 July 2011
Credit cards that offer an interest-free period can give borrowers an opportunity to work on clearing their debt in the knowledge that every penny is going towards the debt itself - not interest.... read more »

Considering credit card charges on holiday

18 July 2011
Choosing whether to use a debit or credit card when on holiday overseas is not always straightforward, as additional costs and charges could see you worse off.... read more »

Credit cards leading increase in US debt

11 July 2011
Consumer debt in the US grew by just over five billion dollars (3.2bn) in May, 'led by a boost in credit card use and student loans', as Bloomberg reports.... read more »

Credit card approval rates 'should rise a bit'

4 July 2011
We can expect lenders to approve a few more credit card applications over the next three months, the Bank of England tells us.... read more »

Credit card deals out of reach for 'unknowing' existing customers

28 June 2011
Credit card holders who wish to transfer their debts to a 0% interest balance transfer credit card deal may be unable to do so if they are unknowingly considered an existing customer, according to Thisismoney.co.uk.... read more »

Bank of England figures show credit card lending increase

21 June 2011
The latest Lending to Individuals report from the Bank of England shows a 0.3bn increase in net credit card lending in April.... read more »

Credit card rates 'increasing despite falling base rate'

14 June 2011
The cost of borrowing on a credit card has become 'progressively more expensive' over the last four years, despite the base rate falling during that time, Defaqto has found.... read more »

Number of 12-month-plus 0% credit cards 'highest on record'

7 June 2011
There are now more credit card deals offering interest-free balance transfer periods of above 12 months than at any other time on record, according to financial advice website Moneynet.co.uk.... read more »

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