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Big Energy Saving Week - eight in 10 'even more worried about winter bills'

26 October2021

It's Big Energy Saving Week this week, says uSwitch.com, and a good time to think about ways of saving money, as the six big energy suppliers in the UK have recently announced further price increases.

One way consumers might be able to save money is by switching their energy supplier.

It seems like lots of people are trying to do this. Price comparison service uSwitch.com has seen a threefold increase in calls from concerned customers in October, according to its call centre data. Almost eight in 10 consumers (79%) are 'more worried than normal' about their winter bills.

And it's estimated that 22 million households will cut back on the amount of energy they use this winter in a bid to cut costs.

Some suggestions for minimising energy bills:

  • Make sure you are on the correct tariff for your usage and compare suppliers and tariffs.
  • Wherever possible, pay bills by Direct Debit - you could receive a discount for doing so and it can help with budgeting if you know exactly how much will leave your account every month.
  • Turn down your thermostat by a degree or two. You might not even notice the difference, but you should save money.
  • Switch lights and heating off in rooms you're not using and keep those doors shut.
  • Don't leave televisions, phone chargers or computers on standby - unplug them when they're not in use.

A spokesperson for All About Money commented: "If you are concerned about energy bill rises this winter, find out if you could switch to a better tariff - and if you are in arrears with your energy supplier and struggling to repay them, speak to them about making affordable repayments to reduce that debt."

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