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Half of Brits will stay in the UK this summer

By Lucy Bower

6 June2021

UK holiday A foreign holiday is a luxury that many British people cannot afford, according to research by M&S Money.

54% of us are staying in the UK this summer, often because they believe a foreign holiday is too expensive. They could be wrong though, as M&S looks at the real cost of a British 'staycation' compared with popular overseas destinations - and finds that a week's holiday in London is the eighth cheapest by comparison.

It's estimated that spending a week in London in summer 2021 would cost 1,631, whereas a week's holiday in Alicante in Spain would set you back 927. You could go to far-flung places like Bodrum in Turkey for 1,102 or Hua Hin in Thailand for 1,422.

28% of people are going on an overseas beach holiday this summer: 18% are going abroad because it's affordable and 17% because they're looking for good weather, so money is not the only factor.

If you did want to stay in London for a week, of the 1,631 you'd typically spend, 597 would go on eating out, tours and activities and 'additional spending money'.

Image iStockPhotos / MACIEJ NOSKOWSKI

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