Is it possible to get a bank account if you have a Trust Deed?

Personal Account adviceJuly 9 Author: Daniel Culpan

A Trust Deed could help you get out of serious unsecured debt problems - but it will affect your banking options.

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A bank account for DAS

Personal Account adviceJune 20 Author: Lucy Bower

A basic bank account might be the best option while you're on DAS (the Debt Arrangement Scheme); there's no overdraft and often no credit check. Read more here.

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Bank accounts for people with a DRO

Personal Account adviceJune 8 Author: Helen Gradwell

A DRO will affect your credit rating. This can make it hard to get a current account, but there are options available.

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Can I get a bank account if I am on DAS (DPP)?

Personal Account adviceMay 18 Author: Helen Gradwell

A DPP can negatively affect your credit rating, which could affect your ability to obtain a bank account.

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Who pays tax on a joint bank account?

Personal Account adviceMay 17 Author: Helen Gradwell

If you have a joint bank account, or are considering one, you may want to know in advance who will pay tax on the interest.

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BSC: putting dormant bank accounts to work

Personal Account adviceMay 9 Author: Matthew Plant

Big Society Capital was set up to provide finance to worthy causes, using money lying in forgotten accounts. A look at what's involved...

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Why can't I get a basic bank account?

Personal Account adviceMay 4 Author: Helen Gradwell

There may be a bank account open to you, even if you have a poor credit history.

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What is a jam-jar bank account?

Personal Account adviceApril 29 Author: Helen Gradwell

If you have a poor credit history, you struggle with bills, or you just want some help managing your money, you may benefit from a jam-jar account.

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