I need help with money - what should I do?

Debt adviceSeptember 25 Author: Helen Gradwell

If you're looking for help with your money, you could start by making a budget and seeing how much help you actually need.

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How long does debt stay on your credit report in the UK?

Debt adviceSeptember 5 Author: Lucy Bower

Unsecured debt remains on your credit report while it is current. Once it's settled, records remain there for six years.

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How much debt do you have to be in to go bankrupt?

Debt adviceAugust 30 Author: Helen Gradwell

There's no figure set in stone for people who want to go bankrupt. It depends on your circumstances.

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Does debt consolidation include car loans?

Debt adviceAugust 24 Author: Daniel Culpan

You can use a debt consolidation loan to pay off any kind of debt, including car loans. Read more here.

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How much debt do you need to go bankrupt?

Debt adviceAugust 22 Author: Daniel Culpan

If you live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there's no minimum amount of debt you need to go bankrupt. However, in Scotland, things are different.

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Bankruptcy Laws in England and Wales

Debt adviceAugust 20 Author: Lucy Bower

Click here to find out more about how the bankruptcy laws in England and Wales could affect you.

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Should I secure a debt consolidation loan against my house?

Debt adviceAugust 16 Author: Helen Gradwell

A secured debt consolidation loan may give you access to better rates and larger loans than an unsecured debt consolidation loan would.

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How to pay off your debt

Debt adviceAugust 9 Author: Lucy Bower

Here you'll find an explanation of the difference between priority debts and unsecured debts.

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