5 questions to ask yourself before taking out a loan

Loan adviceApril 16 Author: Daniel Culpan

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you commit to any type of loan.

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How to use a loan calculator

Loan adviceFebruary 15 Author: Matthew Plant

If you're wondering what a loan might cost you on a monthly basis, a loan calculator can be really helpful, giving you a 'ballpark figure'.

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Loans to family - what's the catch?

Loan adviceNovember 16 Author: Matthew Plant

Almost a third of us help our family and friends financially, providing loans and gifts worth an average of 442 per year. But is it always a good idea?

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Loans: what do we owe? A ten-year perspective

Loan adviceNovember 4 Author: Matthew Plant

Right now, we're carrying well over 200 billion of unsecured debt (not including our secured debts, like mortgages, which come to over 1.2 trillion). But where did we stand last year - or the year before?

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Secured and unsecured personal loans - risks and benefits

Loan adviceAugust 1 Author: Lucy Bower

A brief look at the risks and benefits associated with secured and unsecured personal loans.

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Will claiming loan insurance damage my credit rating?

Loan adviceJune 22 Author: Joel Stanier

Claiming on your loan insurance won't damage your credit rating - in fact, it could protect it. Here's our guide to how it works.

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Are loans available at the moment?

Loan adviceMay 25 Author: Joel Stanier

Getting a loan isn`t as easy as it used to be, but banks are still offering them and a lot of people are still managing to get them. So how easy is it, and how can you improve your chances?

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Taking out a loan - things to consider

Loan adviceDecember 25 Author: Joel Stanier

What are the most important factors when taking out a loan?

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