Can a debt collector contact me at work?

Debt adviceJune 29 Author: Helen Gradwell

A debt collector can't contact you at work unless you've told them they can.

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What is an insurance underwriter?

Insurance adviceJune 28 Author: Helen Gradwell

Insurance underwriters determine how much cover you can get and how much you can be charged for it.

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What is mortgage protection?

Insurance adviceJune 27 Author: Helen Gradwell

If you become unable to work through illness, accident or involuntary unemployment, mortgage protection insurance could help you with your payments.

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What can debt collectors not do?

Debt adviceJune 27 Author: Helen Gradwell

When they're collecting your debts, there are certain things that debt collectors aren't allowed to do.

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Pros and cons of a debt consolidation mortgage

Debt adviceJune 26 Author: Lucy Bower

A debt consolidation mortgage can help homeowners to repay unsecured debts and lower their monthly expenditure. Read more here.

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Which debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Debt adviceJune 25 Author: Daniel Culpan

Bankruptcy could help people in serious debt problems - but it can't include all types of debts.

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What happens to your debt if you go to prison?

Debt adviceJune 22 Author: Helen Gradwell

How can you deal with your debt while you're in prison?

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21 money-saving ideas for your car

Author: Lucy Bower

Your car is probably the second-most expensive purchase you'll make in your lifetime, after a house, so here are 21 simple money-saving ideas for car owners.

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Fees payable when continuing service is provided. Repaying debt over a longer period may increase the total amount to be repaid. Calls are recorded and are usually free from UK landlines. Mobile phone users may be charged and should check with their service provider. Cards are provided by third parties and are subject to eligibility, status and terms and conditions. Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 or over.

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