What does life insurance not cover?

30 April2021

It can be hard to think about what your family would do without your financial support, so having the right life insurance can put your mind at ease about their financial future.

When you buy life insurance, there are usually terms and conditions about what can be covered by the policy. There may also be certain circumstances that could void the policy and stop it from paying out upon your death. This can be worrying, but familiarising yourself with your policy could put your mind at ease. Here are some examples of the most common exclusions:

Older people

Many life insurance policies have upper age limits, and cannot offer cover past this age.

Dangerous jobs

If you have a dangerous job you may be refused insurance from some companies. A few examples of jobs considered dangerous are people in the emergency services, offshore workers and scaffolders. The more risk you encounter on a day-to-day basis, the less insurable you may be. However, shopping around for the best quote amongst providers who will cover you could allow you to find relatively cheap insurance.

Drug and alcohol abuse

If you are a drug user or an alcoholic you may be refused cover. Certain insurers may offer you cover at a higher price, but there could be exclusions regarding what you are actually covered for. If you die as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, for example, your policy may not pay out because your death would be considered self-inflicted.

Dangerous sports

Taking part in sports such as skydiving, mountaineering, cave diving, boxing or martial arts could cause you to pay more on your premiums, or you may be denied cover altogether by some insurers. You may be able to find specialist insurers that understand your sport more thoroughly. They may be able to offer you cheaper cover depending on your experience.


If you take your own life, your insurance policy is unlikely to pay out.

Illegal activity

If you die as a direct result of illegal activity, the majority of insurers will not pay out.

Other factors are covered by life insurance but at a higher cost. For example, if you are a smoker you will probably be able to find cover, but you may also have to pay significantly more for it.

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