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Car modifications 'could cause insurance costs to soar'

By Joel Stanier

11 September2021

Modifying your car could significantly increase the amount you pay for your car insurance, according to research by MoneySupermarket.com.

It was found that common modifications such as adding alloy wheels or adding a carphone could add up to 66% to a typical insurance premium.

Based on a 30-year old male with five years' no-claims discount driving a Ford Fiesta 1.2, the average annual insurance premium would be 536.10 before modifications, compared with 807.10 afterwards.

Adding a complete body kit to change the appearance of the car would lead to the most expensive premiums - up to 892.39 on average - followed by a carphone (807.65) and alloy wheels (701.26).

Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "Cars are used by many as a way to express themselves, and for some people, modifications are an essential part of personalising their vehicle. Motorists need to be aware that even the smallest of modifications can impact the price of car insurance. It pays to contact your insurer before you go ahead and make any modifications, as you will need to decide whether the extra cost to cover the changes is worth paying.

"Some insurers won't offer insurance to cars that have already been modified, so it's crucial to check with your provider first. More importantly, drivers need to realise that not informing an insurer of modifications made to a vehicle can invalidate a policy - a mistake motorists can't afford to make."

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