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Do you need insurance for your water pipes?

By Lucy Bower

19 April2021

Consumer group Which? is highlighting that third-party pipe insurance promoted by water companies is usually unnecessary. It says water companies have their own water pipe repair schemes that are free and that most homeowners have home insurance that covers burst pipes anyway.

This third-party water pipe insurance costs 35 a year. Which? estimates that customers could have paid out over 100 million for this insurance - insurance that they probably don't even need. They do know that 667,000 homes in the Anglian, Southern and United Utilities areas have this insurance and have spent around 23 million on it.

The water industry has a bit of a problem with its reputation at the moment, as areas of the county are in drought, customers are facing water restrictions, but it's estimated that almost 300 million gallons of water are lost every day through leaks.

Homeserve, the third party that supplies this insurance, responded to the criticism with a statement from a spokesperson who said that the policy covered "wear and tear" and other things which often aren't covered by home insurance and that "it would not be in our interest, or the interest of customers, to offer a product that customers did not benefit from".

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