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Fake insurance claims 'on the rise' say ABI

By Lucy Bower

13 September2021

Fraudulent insurance claims are rising, according to an industry group, with fake gym and car accident injuries among the claims.

The BBC features the comments from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which represents the majority of insurers in the UK. It says that insurance claims were up by 5% in 2011 on 2010 and that there were 139,000 fake or exaggerated claims last year.

One man hurt his thumb at the gym and downloaded a more serious injury from the internet to make an exaggerated claim. In another incident, a staged crash resulted in 30 passengers claiming whiplash injuries.

But it's home insurance claims that are the most common - with 71,000 dishonest claims having been uncovered so far, valued at 106 million. However, fake car insurance claims cost the most money, with 541 million claimed fraudulently last year.

ABI's director general, Otto Thoresen, commented: "Honest customers are sick of footing the bill for insurance cheats through higher insurance premiums."

According to the ABI, fraudulent claims add 50 a year to everyone else's insurance premiums.

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