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Insurance is the way to a girl's heart, apparently

By Lucy Bower

30 August2021

Girl with flower Forget flowers, diamonds and boxes of heart-shaped chocolates. If you really want to impress a lady, show her what she's worth with accident, life or endowment insurance. That's how they do it in China, according to the Financial Times.

Insurance probably doesn't make you go weak at the knees, but the "love insurance" policies that were presented as gifts during last Thursday's "Qixi" - the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's day - are symbols of commitment and affection, apparently.

It's reported that Chinese citizens tend to rely on the state and their offspring to look after them when times get tough, so uptake of insurance policies is pretty low there. Despite this, there is a baffling array of policies on the market to tempt people - and insurance companies are finding more inventive ways to sell them. "Red Rose" policies are targeted at lovers.

Want to make your partner feel safe and secure? Buy her a "love policy" that pays for private medical care if she has a car accident. Want to show your wife that you really meant it when you said 'til death us do part'? Buy an endowment policy that pays an annual bonus every time you reach an anniversary - with a big lump sum if you make it to your golden anniversary.

There is a more serious side to this though. It's reported that last year the Chinese marriage law was reinterpreted and is now much more in favour of male spouses than before. Upon divorce the matrimonial home goes to the partner whose parents bought it - usually the groom. This has spawned a new breed of love insurance policies designed to give female spouses peace of mind.

Apparently, even parents-in-law are buying policies like these as wedding gifts to make the bride feel like a valued member of the family.

So men - you would insure your pet, your stereo and your car. Why not insure your other half too?

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