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Millionth uninsured vehicle to be seized today

By Matthew Plant

21 August2021

Today should be a bit of a milestone for police - they're expecting to seize their millionth uninsured vehicle.

It's been seven years since police were given the power to seize vehicles that don't have insurance. In that time, they've seized (very) nearly 1,000,000 vehicles and they expect to reach that seven-digit number today.

The BBC website tells the story, reminding us that around 1.2 million drivers don't have insurance today. But they're not evenly scattered around the country, as the West Midlands and West Yorkshire are particular 'hotspots' where most of the persistent offenders live.

Alarmingly, around a third of people in those areas still don't understand the law on car insurance, according to research by the Motor Insurers' Bureau.

Don't forget that the law's been strengthened recently: it used to be an offence to drive without insurance, but now it's against the law just to own a vehicle that isn't insured, even if it's not being used.

If a vehicle doesn't have insurance, its registered keeper could get a fixed penalty of 100. They could be taken to court and face a maximum fine of 1,000. They could even have their vehicle taken away and destroyed!

These days, the only times a vehicle doesn't have to be insured are:

  • if the owner has made a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) for it,
  • if it's been kept off-road ever since SORN came into force (January 31st 1998),
  • if it's been recorded by the DVLA as scrapped or permanently exported,
  • if it's recorded as:
    • between registered keepers,
    • stolen, or
    • passed or sold to the motor trade.

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