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Whiplash & insurance: a different view

By Matthew Plant

26 June2021

Accident triangle You may have seen the stories about whiplash and insurance recently - in fact, we've had a couple on this site. Each year, over half a million people claim for whiplash injuries, adding up to a total of over 2 billion, and there's a widespread feeling that not all those claims are genuine.

As you might expect, there's another side to the story. Russell Thomson, an injury claims lawyer at The Injury Lawyers, points out that whiplash is a 'clear and serious issue' and talks about the "real negative viewpoint people have of this injury".

A sudden impact can throw someone forward and backward - and the 50+ muscles in the back structure can be stretched beyond their normal range of movement, like overstretched elastic bands (not too different to pulling a muscle while playing football).

This can be hard to diagnose in some cases, but in others, someone with whiplash can "have stiff areas in the neck, shoulders and back which are definable to the human touch".

The medical professional who diagnoses the injury has a duty to the court and not to the claimant, Mr. Thomson says, and insurance companies have a right to object to an expert, or even to insist on getting their own medical evidence.

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