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Whiplash claims 'add 90 to average car insurance policy'

By Lucy Bower

3 May2021

Crashed car The ABI (Association of British Insurers) says that whiplash claims totalled 2 billion last year, which it claims adds 90 to the average car insurance policy of 440.

Now insurers are calling for the Government to take action on what James Dalton, ABI's Head of Motor and Liability calls the UK's "fraud of choice".

The ABI wants:

. Whiplash claimants to be diagnosed by a panel of independent doctors instead of their own GPs,
. a minimum threshold of speed at which you can sustain a whiplash injury to be introduced,
. a cap on the level of compensation you can claim for whiplash.

Yesterday, Transport Secretary Justine Greening MP and Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke MP held an insurance summit in Whitehall (following the first one held by the Prime Minister in February).

The AA runs an independent 'British Insurance Premium Index'. It measured large increases in insurance premiums in recent years. In the two years to the end of March this year, car insurance premiums rose by 50% according to Shoparound. The AA puts these increases down to whiplash claims. The price rises prompted a Transport Committee enquiry into car insurance.

Simon Douglas, Director of AA Insurance wants to see "a tight timescale applied to reform of the civil litigation, which at present, encourages people to make a claim regardless of how serious their injury is".

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