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Wiggins fan? Check your bike insurance!

By Lucy Bower

24 July2021

If you're a British cycling fan you've had a lot to celebrate recently, with the victory of a British cyclist in the Tour de France.

Great sporting achievements like this can spark a trend across the nation and it's expected that many will be taking advantage of the fine weather and getting back in the saddle, inspired by Mr Wiggins.

In anticipation of the surge of cyclists onto our streets and country lanes, comparison website Gocompare.com is urging all cyclists to check their bikes are insured, because it's not always straightforward.

John Miles of Gocompare.com warns cyclists that many assume their bikes are covered as part of their home insurance policy, but it's often the case that bike cover is an optional extra.

He commented: "Our research shows that only 9% of Brits say Bike Cover was one of the most important options when setting up home insurance, while a worrying 11% of Brits have had items stolen from a shed, garage or outbuilding. To add to this, while 70% say they lock up their bikes indoors, in a shed or outbuilding, our findings show that 14% of people generally leave their bikes unlocked in the garden."

So the message is clear: check whether your two wheels are covered under your home insurance policy, or look into additional insurance if you need it - especially when you consider that some bikes can cost thousands of pounds to replace.

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