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Who manages the bank account in your household?

12 September 2021
It's a matter for debate in many households as to who controls the family finances - but research by Scottish Widows suggests that more working women make the big decisions than men. ... read more »

Many working adults 'borrowing to make ends meet'

11 September 2021
It's the end of the month and you have no money left in your bank account. Sounds familiar? ... read more »

Funding for Lending Scheme 'showing signs of working' for banks

11 September 2021
The Funding for Lending Scheme - a government scheme designed to encourage banks to lend more to consumers and businesses - seems to be benefiting banks. ... read more »

Personal loan interest rates keep on falling

11 September 2021
Personal loans are now available with as little as 5.7% interest - as lenders battle to win borrowers' business. ... read more »

Car modifications 'could cause insurance costs to soar'

11 September 2021
Modifying your car could significantly increase the amount you pay for your car insurance, according to research by MoneySupermarket.com. ... read more »

Pocket money is decreasing - sign of the times?

10 September 2021
The Halifax Pocket Money Survey has been examining the spending habits of eight to 15 year olds since 1987. This year, the average pocket money has dropped by 27p to 5.98 a week, from 6.25 a week last year. ... read more »

New credit cards offer cashback or Nectar points

10 September 2021
Sainsbury's is launching two new credit cards, to compete with high street banks, through its finance arm Sainsbury's Bank, as The Daily Mail reports. ... read more »

Could thousands of cash machines disappear?

10 September 2021
But they're not free. Running Britain's network of cash machines costs around 820 million a year. You might not pay for them directly, but those costs are 'absorbed in the general cost of providing an account', as an article in the Daily Mail puts it. ... read more »

Average mortgage arrangement fee 'up 70% in four years'

7 September 2021
The average mortgage arrangement fee is at a 'new high', research by Moneyfacts has found - rising by more than 70% in the space of four years. ... read more »

87% of British shoppers will shop around

7 September 2021
Picture the scene: you're out shopping, you see something you like but don't want to spend the cash, so you go to half a dozen other shops - but you end up buying the first thing you saw anyway. ... read more »

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