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The cost of childcare: what can be done?

20 November 2021
The cost of childcare is a real problem for many parents at the moment. If they don't pay for it then they can't go to work - and many have mortgages that need (or demand) two incomes. Many parents are forced to choose between paying the high cost of childcare or staying home and getting 'locked out' of the workplace. ... read more »

Mortgage lending hit 11-month high in October

20 November 2021
According to estimates from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), gross mortgage lending increased to 12.9 billion in October 2021, marking the highest level for 11 months. ... read more »

Rising living costs could lead to increase in student debts

19 November 2021
Poorer students who don't receive financial assistance from their parents must now work 33 hours a week, on average, to avoid a cash shortfall during their studies. ... read more »

Credit card rates hit 18-month high ahead of Christmas spend

19 November 2021
Average interest rates on credit cards have reached an 18-month high ahead of the multi-billion-pound Christmas spending spree, figures show. ... read more »

Average household 'needs 25,000 to make ends meet'

15 November 2021
Rising living costs mean the average UK family now needs to bring home almost 25,000 a year after tax just to break even, according to research commissioned by Skipton Financial Services. ... read more »

'More commitment' in bricks and mortar than marriage

14 November 2021
Young couples often say joint home ownership is a bigger commitment than saying 'I do', according to research by mortgage provider Halifax. ... read more »

Rise in inflation could affect low income households and savers

14 November 2021
The Guardian has reported that a recent 0.5% rise in inflation is 'disastrous' for savers. Inflation is at a five-month high and there have been warnings that it could hit 3% in the next few months. ... read more »

10% have driven without insurance

13 November 2021
Around 1 in 10 people have driven without insurance - and twice as many have driven without a valid MOT, meaning their car insurance could be invalidated. ... read more »

Do you know what affects your credit rating?

13 November 2021
If you're not sure which factors could harm or improve your credit rating, you're not alone. Research by Saga Platinum credit card has found that 34% of adults aren't sure either. ... read more »

Record number of Brits 'worried about rising fuel costs'

12 November 2021
According to Which?, the planned 3p rise in fuel duty in January 2013 - set to be debated in the House of Commons today - could be the 'last straw' for many households who are already struggling with their finances. ... read more »

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