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Credit card APRs at 18-month high

12 November 2021
Christmas can be one of the most expensive times of the year and a lot of people will be borrowing money to help them pay for it. ... read more »

Scottish bankruptcy reform explained

9 November 2021
Last week, the Scottish Government published a report outlining how it intends to reform current bankruptcy laws to make them 'fit for the 21st century'. ... read more »

Fixed-rate mortgages on the rise as homeowners play it safe

9 November 2021
More than two thirds of homeowners are now opting for fixed-rate mortgages in order to protect themselves against potential interest rate rises, according to independent mortgage broker John Charcol. ... read more »

CML announces lowest number of repossessions since 2007

8 November 2021
In the third quarter of 2021, a total of 8,200 properties were repossessed - which is the lowest number in any single quarter since 2007. This is according to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). ... read more »

Personal loan interest rates reach new low

8 November 2021
Borrowers with a squeaky-clean credit record can now find personal loans with interest rates as low as 5.5% - as lenders continue to battle for customers. ... read more »

Seaside towns are UK 'insolvency hotspots'

7 November 2021
Coastal towns across Britain are suffering from a high number of personal insolvencies compared with other regions in the UK, according to new analysis from Experian. ... read more »

Cashback cards growing in popularity

7 November 2021
The average overdraft interest rate is now nearly 20%, the Daily Mail reports, and this could have contributed to the rise in 'cashback' credit cards, which have doubled in number in two years. ... read more »

Could you manage without an overdraft?

7 November 2021
Overdrafts are a popular way for people to tide themselves over until the end of the month. But they are now more expensive than the typical credit card - with average interest rates of nearly 20%, according to the Financial Services Authority. ... read more »

Insolvency statistics: more DROs than bankruptcies for the first time

6 November 2021
For the first time ever, the total number of DROs (Debt Relief Orders) is higher than the number of bankruptcies, according to official insolvency statistics for quarter three (July, August and September) of 2021. ... read more »

Insurance price drops could be 'short-lived'

6 November 2021
Younger drivers might have been pleased to see their insurance costs falling, but the good news might not keep coming, according to Confused.com. ... read more »

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