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Four simple steps for dealing with debt

31 October 2021
Debt is growing in the UK, so there could be lots of people out there who need debt help. We offer four simple steps that could help people manage their debt more effectively. ... read more »

Does your energy provider owe you money?

30 October 2021
We've all heard about people who end up in debt because they unknowingly haven't paid enough on their energy bills. But research by Gocompare.com reveals that many people have actually paid too much on their bills - and could be owed a significant sum by their energy provider. ... read more »

One in five recent homeowners 'in negative equity'

30 October 2021
Nearly a fifth of homeowners (17%) who bought their homes since 2007 are in negative equity. That's according to research by property website Rightmove, published in The Daily Mail. ... read more »

Lucy's spooky Halloween deals

26 October 2021
I can help you if you're looking for something incredibly spooky, horrible and nasty this Halloween. I've thrown in some spooktacular bargains to boot! ... read more »

Big Energy Saving Week - eight in 10 'even more worried about winter bills'

26 October 2021
It's Big Energy Saving Week this week, says uSwitch.com, and a good time to think about ways of saving money, as the six big energy suppliers in the UK have recently announced further price increases. ... read more »

FSA announces new 'common sense' rules for mortgage market

26 October 2021
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has confirmed new rules that are designed to put 'common sense' back at the centre of the mortgage market and stop homeowners ending up with a mortgage they can't afford to repay. ... read more »

People need 466 more per month to feel comfortable

25 October 2021
In spring of this year, the Aviva Times of Our Lives Report was launched. It looks at the worries, experiences and ambitions of different age groups in the UK - including their financial goals and concerns. ... read more »

Brits 'shying away' from debt

24 October 2021
Debt - it's been on everyone's lips over recent years. Recession, worryingly high levels of national debt, worryingly high levels of personal debt - they're national issues and very difficult to ignore at the moment. ... read more »

Want to save 50 a month? It's only 1.66 per day.

23 October 2021
The NS&I Savings Survey, by one of the largest financial providers in the UK, found that British people save an average of 90 every month, but many would be happier if they could save just 50 more. ... read more »

26% of homeowners 'worried about repossession'

23 October 2021
New research from Which? has found that 50% of people in the UK are worried about rising mortgage rates, and more than a quarter (26%) of people with mortgages are worried about having their home repossessed. ... read more »

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