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Car insurance prices still falling - but may rise again soon

23 October 2021
It may seem like everything is getting more expensive - but car insurance is one thing that is getting cheaper, according to the AA. ... read more »

Unemployment levels fall; job security improves

19 October 2021
Unemployment is an on-going problem - and the issues it can cause people are a real concern. One of the most obvious stress factors associated with unemployment is the financial problems it can cause, such as debt. ... read more »

Lucy Likes - Early Christmas Bargains

19 October 2021
Now, we know it's only October, but Christmas can be a really expensive time of year. Buying presents early and spreading the cost over a few months can really help you out come January - when a lot of other people will be reading their bank statements in despair! ... read more »

145 million fund could help more people find bank accounts

18 October 2021
The government will set aside a 145 million fund to help more people get access to bank accounts, according to The Guardian. ... read more »

7m funding for projects helping 'debt-driven' homelessness

8 October 2021
Schemes across Scotland that help people who are facing homelessness due to debt problems are set to receive 7 million of funding. ... read more »

More options for mortgage holders - but at what cost?

8 October 2021
There's good news and bad news for homeowners. The number of mortgage deals available has increased by almost 20% since the Bank of England's Funding for Lending scheme started back in April, meaning people have a much wider range to choose from. ... read more »

We need to talk about debt

5 October 2021
According to research by Santander, the three most 'taboo' subjects in conversation are: ... read more »

Families in social housing 'could be better off with budgeting lessons'

5 October 2021
A financial training scheme, run by Santander Bank and the Citizen's Advice Bureau for families in social housing, made 78% of participants change their spending behavior. ... read more »

Interest-only mortgages: on the way out?

5 October 2021
With several lenders recently pulling the plug on interest-only mortgage deals, there are questions over whether this controversial type of mortgage has a future. ... read more »

Insurance firms: stricter rules for learner drivers

4 October 2021
The insurance industry wants the government to introduce new safety measures to bring down the number of road accidents. One suggestion is making learners spend a year learning to drive, reports the BBC. ... read more »

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