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Minimum wage increase 'won't help with debt problems'

4 October 2021
The increase in the national minimum wage will not be enough to help people struggling with their debts, according to a spokesperson for All About Money. ... read more »

Banks 'to be given seven days to switch accounts'

4 October 2021
From September 2013, banks will be given a strict seven-day deadline to switch a customer's bank account to another institution, This is Money reports. ... read more »

Freshers expect to graduate with 39K debt

3 October 2021
This year's intake of bright-eyed and fresh-faced students already expect to leave university with 39,000 of debt. That level of debt is almost double last year's students, who expect debts of around 20,000, according to research by the Money Advice Service. ... read more »

Bank of Mum & Dad: the only way to get a mortgage?

3 October 2021
According to research, one in five house purchases by first-time buyers last year couldn't have been made without the financial help of parents, as difficult mortgage criteria and high house prices make it hard to get on the property ladder, the Guardian reports. ... read more »

Amazon: loans for its online sellers?

3 October 2021
Reuters has reported that Amazon.com Inc. is to offer business loans to some of its online sellers. Reuters sees this as a move that has the potential to boost growth of the Amazon marketplace - but does open it up to credit risks. ... read more »

What would you give up to keep your car on the road?

3 October 2021
Research by MoneySupermarket.com has found that 33% of motorists 'couldn't live' without their vehicles - and another 31% would find life more difficult. People clearly love their cars, as 53% see them as an extension of the owner's personality. ... read more »

How do you feel about 'the end of free banking'?

3 October 2021
There has been a lot of debate about 'free banking' recently. Some have argued that charging a transparent fee for all bank accounts will make banking fairer by putting an end to hidden charges. Others disagree. ... read more »

Could brake technology cut car insurance premiums?

2 October 2021
Drivers who buy cars that have 'autonomous emergency braking' (AEB) technology could take advantage of cheaper car insurance from as early as this month, according to PostOnline.co.uk. ... read more »

Value of personal loans falls by 400m in August

2 October 2021
Total lending to individuals in August this year (not including student loans) fell by 400 million, marking a significant drop from the previous six-month average increase of 700 million, according to the latest lending figures from the Bank of England. ... read more »

SVR mortgage rate rises - homeowners warned to shop around

2 October 2021
The Daily Mail reports that 1.5 million families on SVR (Standard Variable Rate) mortgages could see a rise in their cost of living, as the cost of borrowing reaches a 42-month high. The exact number of people on SVR mortgages is unknown but it is thought to have risen sharply since the Bank of England base rate was cut to 0.5%. ... read more »

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