Lucy Likes: Secret Santa on a budget

If you haven't heard of Secret Santa, where have you been? Groups of people, usually work mates, agree to buy one present for someone else in the group, to a value of say, 10. No-one knows who bought what, everyone receives a gift - and no-one has to spend a fortune. Lovely!

If you're doing a Secret Santa this year and you don't know what to buy the IT guru or the receptionist, then hopefully you'll find some inspiration here. All offers are available online at the time of writing (22.11.12) and are removable at the retailers' discretion. Please be aware that prices may not include postage & packaging.

You might recognise some of the stereotypes here, but any similarity in this article to any real life person is purely coincidental! Just remember - Secret Santa is cheap and cheerful, and a bit of fun!

For the office geek

These silly sock sandals might raise a smile for 6.99 from Or, test the office geek on their skills. Do they know their Fe from their Ag? Check their geek status with this periodic table mug 10.99 from

The creative type

It's very likely the office creative type owns an iPhone. This Space Invaders iPhone cover for 8.99 from has a funky retro design. Hipsters can print 12 Instagram pictures for just 9.99 with this offer from They come out looking like Polaroids, which is very cool.

The office joker

This office joker loves pranks and winding people up, and can be great for morale. Don't steal their pen though - that's where the laughter stops! Buy them this electric shock pen 3.95 from Or, let the joke be on them and buy them nothing for 5.99 from

The stress head

The stress-head is always very, very busy and very, very stressed. Buy them a stress relieving head massager for 8.99 from If they need to take out their frustration on someone - or something - has this Dalek stress toy for just 6.99. For a more soothing effect, this mood cube light fits neatly on a desk and switches between four different colours, which might be nice when the days are darker. It's 6.95 from

The pessimist

Every day is Monday for the pessimist. Stop them moaning and tell them to suck on a Bah Humbug boiled sweet instead - 7 for a jar from

The music fan

Gain instant rock and roll credibility with these tattoo sleeves for 5.99 from Slightly over budget at 11 is this Beatles 'All You Need is Love' mug from the Or, you can buy 24 pack of peanut M&Ms for just 9.60 from Just remember to remove the brown ones (ask Van Halen).

The boss

It's tricky knowing what to buy the boss, but this Gov'nor mug might raise a smile, for 9.99 from

Blow the budget!

Finally, if you'd really like to impress your colleagues with this years' Secret Santa, this rather nice diamond encrusted pen is a snip at 855,000 from

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