Lucy Likes thoughtful presents for Christmas

According to Patricia Davidson, [i] author of the Shopaholic's Guide to Buying Gorgeous Gifts Online, there are two reasons people end up buying the wrong gifts for loved ones. She says: "they either don't allow enough time, or don't think about the person they are buying for. A present that isn't relevant to the recipient might as well not be given."

Men and women are equally guilty of buying partners terrible presents. Men seem to get it wrong by being unromantic - buying an iron instead of perfume - and an equal number of men have probably fallen victim to the 'Christmas jumper' or 'novelty tie'.

So here are some thoughtful suggestions for gift ideas that don't have to break the bank. All offers detailed here were available at the time of writing (14/11/2021) and can be removed by retailers at their own discretion.

They're into football and you can't afford a season ticket? has low-price football club watches for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United for kids and big kids too. Prices start at 9.95 and the sale is on until 30th November. has a sale on international football shirts, where they're available from 15 upwards, until 30th November. has up to 70% off Replica international shirts , but only until 18th November. Finally, adidas has a range of football accessories from only 5 until the end of the month for all those would-be Premiership players.

If you wanted to spend a little more, you could buy the latest football game, a visit to their favourite team's grounds, a signed photo or shirt of their favourite player, or a framed poster of their favourite player or team.

They like fashion but you can't afford catwalk prices? has annual magazine subscriptions like Marie Claire and Glamour for under 25 and you will receive an additional 2.50 off with the code 'LETS12' if you order online before 31st December.

There's a scene in the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' where the courting couple buy an engraved hatpin, which is the only thing they can afford in the iconic jeweller store. If someone in your life has a favourite designer - Chanel for example - but you can't stretch to a designer shirt or handbag, a smaller gift from that brand would probably be well received.

They're into music but you can't afford concert tickets?

A lot of the gifts you would buy for music fans can work out expensive - like concert tickets, an iPod, or even a musical instrument. has up to 50% off 'music bookazines' until the end of the month, like the Jimi Hendrix limited edition collectors pack for 7.99. has free delivery on Kenwood car stereos while stocks last and has quirky headphones from 4.99 until the end of the month.

Grandma and Granddad are sick of bath salts!

Grandma and Granddad might be a little bored of bath salts and speciality tea. Often, families get together at Christmas, so anything hand-made by family members is likely to be gratefully received, even treasured - and won't break the bank. Neither would one of the 'create your own' photo books from which you could fill with photos from someone's childhood, holiday snaps or family photos. You can 'buy one get one half price' with the code MYPIXMAS when you buy online, while stocks last.

Letter from Santa

Children's charity NSPCC will send a letter from Santa to a child you nominate. The charity suggests a donation of 5 for doing so and you'll be helping less-fortunate children this Christmas.

What was the most thoughtful present you ever received, or have you ever been really thoughtful and made someone else's Christmas? Tweet us, or leave a comment on our Facebook page - we'd love to hear your opinions.

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