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87% of British shoppers will shop around

By Lucy Bower

Chester High Street Picture the scene: you're out shopping, you see something you like but don't want to spend the cash, so you go to half a dozen other shops - but you end up buying the first thing you saw anyway.

New research from Quidco suggests that 87% of British shoppers visit multiple shops before making a purchase - 39% visit at least three. This habit has been given the nickname 'happy hopping'.

We probably all know a happy hopper - maybe you're one yourself? In a climate where many people are watching what they spend, it can pay to shop around after all.

But is this for recreation, or is there a serious side? It seems we're a nation of bargain hunters, arguably more so during the recession. But the survey did suggest that women prefer doing this than men, with only 10% of women resisting the urge to shop around, while 16% of men will settle for the first option when out shopping.

That does seem to confirm some of the stereotypes around how the different genders feel about shopping. At the same time, the research arguably reflects a wider shift in attitudes towards household budgets and non-essential spending since the recession.

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