Top 20 money-saving fashion tips


For the fashion-conscious, staying in style on a budget can be a daunting challenge. With fashion changing so regularly, keeping up with the latest trends, 'in' looks and must-buy outfits could mean you end up shopping 'til you drop - and wearing your bank balance out in the process too!

Take a look at our top money-saving fashion tips for ways of keeping your wardrobe up to date on a shoestring:

  1. Shop in charity shops. Some people might think they're old-fashioned, but you may be surprised at what designer bargains a bit of patience and rummaging through the rails will get you.
  2. Shop at discount chains. Big retail chains such as TK Maxx offer 'big labels' and 'small prices', whether you're shopping for underwear or a designer coat.
  3. Why not look through your old wardrobe? One of fashion's rules seems to be that 'everything comes back into style' - so even if you have a pair of '70s-style flares or big '80s shoulder pads you thought would never see the light of day again, they may just be the latest craze one day.
  4. Never pay full price. There are sales on throughout the year and many shops even have a 'mark down' or sales section all year round. So why ever pay full price?
  5. Look for deals online. Consider signing up for newsletters from your favourite shops, and they'll often reward your customer loyalty with coupons and the latest offers - which could save you .
  6. Consider bidding for things on the internet. Auction sites such as eBay could be perfect for finding that rare item you've been trying to get your hands on for ages - and if there aren't many people bidding for it, you could get it for a fraction of the RRP.
  7. Buy trends carefully. Some of the latest trends are destined to be short-lived, and if they really don't suit you and are destined for the back of the wardrobe, why bother spending the money in the first place?
  8. Customise your clothes. You could turn a plain old pair of jeans or a top into an eye-catching fashion statement by using embroidery, tie-dye or getting creative with some scissors!
  9. Shop at vintage/thrift stores. You could find some classic second-hand items from designer labels - but without the designer prices.
  10. Look out for high street 'copies'. Many high street shops are quick to sell good-quality interpretations of the latest trends fresh off the catwalk - but with affordable price tags.
  11. Have a clothes swap with friends. If you have similar tastes - and sizes - why not exchange some items with friends and give your wardrobe an instant update for free?
  12. Learn to sew. Repairing your favourite items could save you from buying new ones, and help you customise them (see tip 8).
  13. Set yourself a budget. Be realistic. Can you really afford that designer dress, or could you get a near-identical one on the high street for much less?
  14. Shop with cash only. Leaving your cards at home could help you avoid the risk of overspending on 'plastic'.
  15. Shop ahead of the trends. If you keep an eye out on the fashion week previews, you could get a head start on next season's big trends before they start flying off the shelves and increasing in price.
  16. Care for your clothes and make them last longer. Use softening fabric conditioner, always read the clothing care labels and hang and fold your clothes properly.
  17. Why not buy the basics first? What use is having an expensive designer jacket if you've not got a quality shirt to go underneath?
  18. Accessorise. A good piece of jewellery could turn a simple outfit into something really unique and eye-catching.
  19. Avoid impulse buys. Plan ahead before you head to the shopping centre so you don't end up with a bag full of items you don't really want.
  20. Consider buying classic pieces that will stand the test of time. After all, fashion is all about what looks good - so why not buy something that will last?

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination flowing. You can find more expert advice on managing other areas of your finances here.

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