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'More commitment' in bricks and mortar than marriage

By Lucy Bower

14 November2021

Young couples often say joint home ownership is a bigger commitment than saying 'I do', according to research by mortgage provider Halifax.

The Halifax 'State of the Nation: Mortgages' research showed that 28% of British 25-34 year-olds believe jointly owning a house is a bigger commitment than getting married.

The majority of this generation would have bought their first home 'during or after the financial crisis', according to the bank's Mortgage Director, Stephen Noakes, who points out that older homeowners don't seem to see joint homeownership as a bigger commitment than marriage.

Marriage and joint homeownership are two milestones in a lot of people's adult lives, and embarking on either is a big commitment between two people. It's interesting to note that only 28% of 25-34 year olds were already married when they bought their home with their partner, whereas 73% of 35-44 year olds were.

The survey also highlighted how many people think it's harder to come by a mortgage these days. Four out of five people who own their own home say they'd find it harder to buy their first house if they were looking now. That rises to 92% of people earning between 14,001 and 21,000. Even 75% of people earning over 55,001 say they'd find it harder to find a mortgage these days.

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