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Amazon: loans for its online sellers?

3 October 2021
Reuters has reported that Inc. is to offer business loans to some of its online sellers. Reuters sees this as a move that has the potential to boost growth of the Amazon marketplace - but does open it up to credit risks. ... read more »

Public perception of banks is 'understandable' says head of foreign bank body

24 August 2021
The head of VAB - an association representing more than 200 foreign banks operating in Germany - said this week that he could understand the ill feeling towards banks at the moment, reports ... read more »

Release of banking reform details pushed back to June

25 April 2021
Reuters has reported that details of wide-ranging British banking reforms - originally expected in early or mid-May - have been delayed until June.... read more »

Costa Concordia could be worst-ever insurance loss at sea

The sinking of the Costa Concordia could prove to be the worst-ever maritime insurance loss. A much bigger concern, of course, is the loss of human life - as of this morning, 29 passengers and crew are still missing, and the Italian navy is blasting holes in the ship's hull so search & rescue parties can get in more easily. ... read more »

Italy: new PM calms fears about debt

14 November 2011
Mario Monti (front row, second left) at the XVII Pontignano Conference: "After the crash" in Rome, 2009. Image British Embassy in Rome (CC 2.0).... read more »

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