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Families in social housing 'could be better off with budgeting lessons'

5 October 2021
A financial training scheme, run by Santander Bank and the Citizen's Advice Bureau for families in social housing, made 78% of participants change their spending behavior. ... read more »

We need to talk about debt

5 October 2021
According to research by Santander, the three most 'taboo' subjects in conversation are: ... read more »

'Make cash points available for basic bank accounts' say MPs

31 August 2021
... read more »

One third of UK 'can't afford to save'

19 June 2021
One third of people in the UK feel completely unable to save, according to research for Santander - potentially leaving them exposed to serious financial problems. ... read more »

How can you protect your savings if your bank gets into trouble?

22 May 2021
The European bank crisis has a lot of people worried about whether their savings are safe. For example, when Santander's credit rating was downgraded, some savers rushed to withdraw their money. ... read more »

Bank accounts: how are overdraft fees changing?

19 January 2021
Many banks use the New Year as an opportunity to launch new deals and products, whether it's to attract new customers who are thinking of switching bank accounts, or reward the loyalty of existing customers. ... read more »

Credit card retail spending down; transactions up

16 January 2021
2011 saw a decline in retail spending on credit cards, although the actual number of transactions grew. tells us more about this research from Santander. ... read more »

Competition between current accounts hots up

13 January 2021
According to the Independent Commission on Banking, fewer than one in twenty of us switch bank accounts each year. Naturally banks are competing for customers and are tempting us with interest free overdrafts, cash rewards and other benefits, as reported by ... read more »

The real cost of unauthorised borrowing

5 December 2011
Some UK banks are charging their customers 'eye-watering' interest rates for exceeding their overdraft limit, the BBC reports. ... read more »

'One-minute motorists' & the million pound fuel bill

17 November 2011
11.4 million motorists - almost a third - admit to making weekly car journeys of less than half a mile, according to new research from Santander Credit Cards. ... read more »

Banks 'falling short on small business loans target'

15 November 2011
UK banks are falling short on their targets for lending to small businesses, according to the Bank of England. ... read more »

Saving to stay out of debt?

13 October 2011
Savers in the UK have become considerably more hands-on with savings, with people depositing 12% more money each month than they did around a year ago, new figures from Santander have revealed.... read more »

UK banks & building societies see credit downgrade

7 October 2011
Credit rating agency Moody's has downgraded the credit rating of 12 banks and building societies in the UK.... read more »

Banks' top tips for business loans

16 August 2011
The Better Business Finance Campaign members include Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander. Under the campaign, the 'big' banks are offering advice to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them get business loans, as reported on read more »

Banks increasing rewards for switching accounts

10 August 2011
Banks are increasing the cash rewards offered to customers for switching their bank accounts, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Banks launch iPad apps for accounts

12 July 2011
Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest are the first banks to launch apps allowing customers access to their accounts from an iPad, as reported on Both of the high street banks are part of the RBS Group.... read more »

Santander to move call centres back to UK

8 July 2011
The high street bank Santander is moving all of its Indian call centres back to the UK, following complaints. The move will create 500 jobs in the country, as reported by the BBC.... read more »

Hundreds of bank branches face closure

7 July 2011
Hundreds of bank branches across the country are facing closure, as many major lenders seek to cut costs by scaling back their banking networks, the Guardian reports.... read more »

FTBs turning to loans and second jobs to fund deposits

5 May 2011
Research by Santander has revealed that some first-time buyers (FTBs) are turning to personal loans and second jobs to fund the deposits they need to get onto the property ladder, reports.... read more »

81% of Brits changing shopping habits to cut costs

2 August 2010
Over four fifths (81%) of British shoppers have changed the way they shop in an attempt to reduce their costs, according to banking group Santander. ... read more »

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