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Banks 'to be given seven days to switch accounts'

4 October 2021
From September 2013, banks will be given a strict seven-day deadline to switch a customer's bank account to another institution, This is Money reports. ... read more »

'Big Change' banking campaign calls for better customer service

19 September 2021
Consumer campaigner Which? has launched a new campaign that calls for banks to put customers first - instead of bankers. ... read more »

Could thousands of cash machines disappear?

10 September 2021
But they're not free. Running Britain's network of cash machines costs around 820 million a year. You might not pay for them directly, but those costs are 'absorbed in the general cost of providing an account', as an article in the Daily Mail puts it. ... read more »

How long could you manage without cash?

5 September 2021
We're moving ever closer towards a 'cashless society', according to new research that highlights the growing popularity of debit cards and the decline of cash. But is cash really dying out? ... read more »

'Make cash points available for basic bank accounts' say MPs

31 August 2021
... read more »

Public perception of banks is 'understandable' says head of foreign bank body

24 August 2021
The head of VAB - an association representing more than 200 foreign banks operating in Germany - said this week that he could understand the ill feeling towards banks at the moment, reports ... read more »

Parliamentary inquiry looking at free bank accounts

20 August 2021
Free bank accounts will be one of the main things a new parliamentary inquiry looks at. ... read more »

80 billion scheme to kick-start bank lending begins

2 August 2021
An 80 billion scheme designed to encourage bank lending was put into action yesterday, in the latest move to help revive the economy. ... read more »

Parliament's banking inquiry begins

30 July 2021
The parliamentary inquiry into banking got underway late last week, starting with calls for written evidence on standards and ethics in the banking industry as it currently stands, The Independent reports. ... read more »

How could new banking watchdog help customers?

26 July 2021
The new banking watchdog proposed by the Government should make it simpler for banking customers to get information about financial products in order to avoid any 'nasty surprises', peers have said. ... read more »

Northern Rock sale to bring in another 500m

24 July 2021
When Northern Rock was sold to Virgin Money in November last year, 'the taxpayer' got 747 million out of the deal - but that wasn't the end of it. There's more money coming in to the public coffers.... read more »

Quarter of mobile internet users 'use mobile banking services'

3 July 2021
Research from YouGov indicates that there is still room for growth in mobile banking.... read more »

British banks' credit ratings slashed

22 June 2021
Moody's, the global credit ratings agency, yesterday downgraded the credit ratings of four major British banks as part of a worldwide downgrading. ... read more »

George Osborne to reveal banking reform plans today

14 June 2021
Last year the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), led by Sir John Vickers, recommended all kinds of banking reforms in the UK following the credit crisis.... read more »

Barclaycard launches 'stick-on' contactless credit card

19 April 2021
The latest move in the development of 'digital wallets' has been unveiled by Barclaycard - in the shape of a mini stick-on credit card, the BBC reports. ... read more »

Peer-to peer lender 'backlash' from savers

18 April 2021
Peer-to-peer lender Yes-Secure is facing a backlash from investors and savers as it announces it will cut the rates of interest it charges on loans, reports The Daily Mail. ... read more »

Do 'over-50s' bank accounts deliver?

17 April 2021
A study by investment advice firm Governor Money has indicated that bank accounts aimed at older savers may be no better than general savings accounts when it comes to giving them returns on their money, The Telegraph reports. ... read more »

Bank branches 'closing at rapid rate'

11 April 2021
Major banks are planning to close branches at a rate of more than two a week in the coming months, according to the Mirror, as more and more customers ditch the High Street in favour of online and mobile banking. ... read more »

Calls grow for a 'shared' approach to local banking

10 April 2021
A pressure group is campaigning for banks to adopt a shared approach to local banking in an effort to offer a 'lifeline' to towns hit by local branch closures, This is Money reports.... read more »

Banking apps - what's out there?

2 April 2021
Today's smartphone users can use apps for all kinds of practical stuff, from comparing prices to locating businesses - and managing their bank account.... read more »

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