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UK families 'better off by 1 a week'

22 August 2021
UK families saw their weekly disposable income increase by 1 in July 2021 compared with the same time last year, marking the biggest annual increase since 2010, according to the latest Asda Income Tracker. ... read more »

Repaying your debts with a single payment per month

12 July 2021
If you're looking for a more straightforward way of repaying your debts, consolidating them with a loan could be a suitable approach.... read more »

How to apply for an IVA

1 May 2021
Read our guide to how to apply for an IVA if you're struggling with serious unsecured debts.... read more »

Weekend breaks on a budget

27 April 2021
Here are some top tips on how to have a weekend away on a shoestring.... read more »

I can't get out of my overdraft!

27 April 2021
If you can't get out of your overdraft, read this - it could give you some useful ideas that'll help you repay the money you owe. ... read more »

Debt consolidation loans explained

23 April 2021
We explain what debt consolidation loans are and how they work.... read more »

New debts for new mums - some interesting figures

19 April 2021
A drop in income can easily lead to debt. When it's accompanied by an increase in expenditure, the effects can be even more severe. Recent research gives us some insight into reality of being a new mum - something that slashes most people's incomes at the same time as incurring all kinds of new costs. ... read more »

Will you still be paying for Christmas 2011 in 2013?

2 April 2021
One in five people (20%) in the 18-44 age group are still paying for last Christmas - and 9% will still be paying off their festive bill in 2013, according to the latest research from Halifax.... read more »

Budgeting on a debt management plan

2 April 2021
You could repay your unsecured debts more quickly on a debt management plan if you are able to cut back on non-essential spending. Speak to one of our debt advisers to discuss your options.... read more »

What can we expect from today's Budget?

21 March 2021
Today's Budget will be a "Budget for working people", the Chancellor has said - and will show that we really are "in it together". Here's a look at some of the most important things we should see.... read more »

How the Budget could affect you

21 March 2021
Think Money tells you how the decisions in today's budget could affect the money in your wallet. Read more here.... read more »

Minimum wage pay freeze for young people

21 March 2021
The Government has taken on the Low Pay Commission's recommendation to freeze the minimum wage for workers under the age of 21.... read more »

Insurance brokers set out Budget priorities

What do you want to see in tomorrow's Budget? As the Chancellor prepares his speech, industry bodies and associations all over the UK are making it very clear what steps they think he should announce.... read more »

2021's Budget: how could it affect low-income families?

20 March 2021
The Chancellor is set to announce the latest Budget on Wednesday, which could have a significant impact on low-earning households.... read more »

2021 Budget: will we see bank accounts for all?

20 March 2021
In 2021 there were 1.75 million adults in Britain without a bank account. Has anything changed for 2021? Why do some people have no bank account? ... read more »

66% expect Budget to knock their financial confidence

16 March 2021
Two thirds of people in the UK (66%) expect next week's Budget to leave them feeling less confident about their finances, new research from comparison website has found. ... read more »

Could you survive on just 2 per day for food?

6 March 2021
Family Action has reported that the huge pressure on many families' finances throughout the UK is leaving some with as little as 2 per person each day to spend on food, after covering the cost of housing and fuel expenses.... read more »

UK savers 'lagging behind other countries'

3 February 2021
UK families are saving significantly less of their incomes than families in other countries, according to new research by Lloyds TSB - and many could be putting themselves at risk of problems with debt. ... read more »

Total cost of raising a child rises to 218,000

26 January 2021
The total cost of raising a child from the day they're born to their 21st birthday has hit a record 218,024, according to protection and retirement specialist LV=. ... read more »

What your financial past can tell you about your future

23 January 2021
Lenders, economists and financial traders all look to the past to make important decisions about the future - and you could too. Read more here.... read more »

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