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Gold, Frankincense and.Furby?

5 December 2021

The very first Christmas presents were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, but things have changed since then. We take a trip down memory lane and look at the trends of Christmas presents past and present - and compare the cost too.

... read more »

I need help with money - what should I do?

25 September 2021
If you're looking for help with your money, you could start by making a budget and seeing how much help you actually need.... read more »

Parents dipping into their children's bank accounts to get by

25 September 2021
30% of parents with children under 18 have borrowed (or taken) money from their child's savings account or piggy bank, according to 13% admit to borrowing money once a week, 10% once a month and 14% every few months. A further 11% say they only dip into their child's savings on special occasions - like the summer holidays or Christmas. ... read more »

Vintage clothing: it doesn't cost the earth

31 August 2021
Vintage clothing can be high quality, eco-friendly and even fit in with current fashions.... read more »

Mortgage borrowers 'should be helped to avoid repossession'

8 August 2021
The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has urged the Government to give mortgage borrowers who are struggling to keep up with their payments more help to avoid repossession - by upholding some temporary benefit arrangements for at least another 12 months. ... read more »

Spending power down as bank balances shrink

1 August 2021
UK households saw their spending power drop once again in the first quarter of 2021, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). ... read more »

Household debt to increase by more than 20,000 in five years

1 August 2021
The average level of household debt (which includes mortgages) in the UK stood at 55,514 in May. The Office for Budget Responsibility, however, has predicted that household debt will increase by over 20,000 in the next five years - it's expected to reach 77,719 in 2017. ... read more »

101 Quick Ways To Save Money

1 June 2021
This list covers ways to save money in loads of different areas of your life!... read more »

Is your partner money minded or a bad budgeter?

14 May 2021
What do people think of their partner's financial skills? If you're considering sharing your financial responsibilities with someone else, it's an important question.... read more »

50 quick tips to save money while travelling

9 May 2021
50 quick money-saving tips to help you get more for less when you're travelling.... read more »

50 ways to save money on your wedding

4 May 2021
Get your priorities right and you can have the wedding of your dreams - without spending a fortune.... read more »

How do I get out of my overdraft?

2 May 2021
If you're having difficulty getting out of your overdraft, there are some practical steps you could take to help.... read more »

Are debt worries putting people off going to the dentist?

1 May 2021
According to new research by Simplyhealth, many people in the UK may be putting off regular trips to the dentist due to worries about the impact it could have on their bank balance. ... read more »

Money problems: what can I do?

1 May 2021
Here are a few ideas about what to do if you're struggling with money. ... read more »

Could financial planning help you to save?

24 April 2021
People in the UK who spend more time worrying about their finances than planning for them are saving significantly less than those with better money management skills, research from NS&I has found. ... read more »

Managing your money: have you thought about...?

20 April 2021
Here are 4 practical tips that could help you get a better handle on your money.... read more »

Could the money in your bank account be put to better use?

4 April 2021
Most of us would admit we could be managing our finances a little bit better. Even those of us with a reasonable salary and a well-planned budget will still have the occasional financial slip-up. ... read more »

Budgeting on a debt management plan

2 April 2021
You could repay your unsecured debts more quickly on a debt management plan if you are able to cut back on non-essential spending. Speak to one of our debt advisers to discuss your options.... read more »

UK savers 'lagging behind other countries'

3 February 2021
UK families are saving significantly less of their incomes than families in other countries, according to new research by Lloyds TSB - and many could be putting themselves at risk of problems with debt. ... read more »

One in ten adults 'still using their childhood bank account'

18 January 2021
One in ten adults still use the bank account they opened between the ages of one and 15 as their main account today, research by Halifax has found. ... read more »

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