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Start-up loans scheme to launch up to 30,000 new companies

26 September 2021
Business secretary Vince Cable has announced that a scheme to give business support and loans to young entrepreneurs is getting underway. The start-up loan scheme will help launch up to 30,000 new companies. So far 1,200 people have expressed interest in one of these loans. ... read more »

Funding for Lending Scheme 'showing signs of working' for banks

11 September 2021
The Funding for Lending Scheme - a government scheme designed to encourage banks to lend more to consumers and businesses - seems to be benefiting banks. ... read more »

Businesses 'losing confidence' in lenders

5 September 2021
A new report suggests that there is a 'drought' in credit to small businesses - and it's getting worse. ... read more »

Public perception of banks is 'understandable' says head of foreign bank body

24 August 2021
The head of VAB - an association representing more than 200 foreign banks operating in Germany - said this week that he could understand the ill feeling towards banks at the moment, reports ... read more »

National Loan Guarantee Scheme to be extended to 99.9% of British businesses

27 June 2021
On Tuesday, George Osborne announced that Britain will expand its National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS) - originally aimed at smaller businesses - to include large businesses too. ... read more »

NEA gives job-seeking entrepreneurs loans & advice

6 June 2021
The New Enterprise Allowance is a Government scheme that aims to help entrepreneurial jobseekers set up their own businesses. ... read more »

Loans scheme could help young entrepreneurs

29 May 2021
The Government has launched a new scheme that could help budding entrepreneurs get access to the finance they need to start their own businesses. ... read more »

Payday lender launches small business loans service

8 May 2021
Payday loan provider has launched a new service that could give small businesses access to loans almost as quickly as its consumer loan customers. ... read more »

Three quarters of world's poor without bank account

20 April 2021
A World Bank report reveals that three quarters of the poorest people in the world have no bank account, often because they live too far away from a bank or because they do not have enough money to invest in one, reports CNN. ... read more »

Peer-to peer lender 'backlash' from savers

18 April 2021
Peer-to-peer lender Yes-Secure is facing a backlash from investors and savers as it announces it will cut the rates of interest it charges on loans, reports The Daily Mail. ... read more »

Lloyds bank sale to Co-op 'in jeopardy'

23 March 2021
There are rumours that Lloyds will float its bank branches on the stock market, rather than sell them to the Co-operative Group as planned - as the Co-operative Group struggles to meet the demands of regulations of the sale. ... read more »

Loans scheme could help small and medium-sized businesses

20 March 2021
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a new 20 billion scheme to help small and medium-sized businesses get access to low-cost loans.... read more »

Loans scheme for young entrepreneurs proposed

14 March 2021
Loans shouldn't just be there to help students, it has been suggested. People who want to start a business instead of studying when they leave school could be offered loans with the same kind of terms as student loans - if the Government adopts the suggestions of Sir Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs. ... read more »

New directory aims to help businesses find loans

7 March 2021
One group hit hard by the credit crunch are small businesses, many of whom have complained about the difficulty of finding a loan these days - and the fact that it's holding them back as they try to expand.... read more »

'Cash mobs' show their love for local businesses

24 February 2021
The American trend of 'cash mobs' can bring much-needed exposure and custom to ailing local businesses, and the trend is growing.... read more »

Can I get a debt consolidation loan if I am self-employed?

22 February 2021
Debt consolidation could help you to simplify your debts and reduce your outgoings. But could you get a debt consolidation loan if you're self-employed?... read more »

Can I get an IVA if I am self-employed?

17 February 2021
Could you be eligible for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) if you're self-employed?... read more »

More firms using credit cards for tax bills

30 January 2021
It might sound like a familiar story: increasing numbers of people using their credit cards to pay essential bills. It seems the same goes for businesses as well, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. ... read more »

Banks 'falling short on small business loans target'

15 November 2011
UK banks are falling short on their targets for lending to small businesses, according to the Bank of England. ... read more »

Banking reforms: could it be too soon for businesses?

7 September 2011
Business groups are 'at odds' with each other over whether the Government should push on with plans for banking reforms, according to The Financial Times.... read more »

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