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What would you give up to keep your car on the road?

Research by has found that 33% of motorists 'couldn't live' without their vehicles - and another 31% would find life more difficult. People clearly love their cars, as 53% see them as an extension of the owner's personality. ... read more »

Could brake technology cut car insurance premiums?

Drivers who buy cars that have 'autonomous emergency braking' (AEB) technology could take advantage of cheaper car insurance from as early as this month, according to ... read more »

Car Insurance '11% cheaper than 2011'

Research by MoneySupermarket indicates that car insurance premiums in the UK have reduced by over 10% since June last year and are now at an 18-month low. ... read more »

How can a black box cut your insurance costs?

How can technology cut your insurance premiums? High-tech equipment is all around us these days, but it seems only half of us have heard of telematics - or 'black box devices', as they're sometimes known. ... read more »

What's caused 'record rise' in motor insurance fraud?

Every week, we hear, insurance providers are unearthing 865 motor insurance claims (worth over 10 million in total) that are dishonest. ... read more »

Car modifications 'could cause insurance costs to soar'

Modifying your car could significantly increase the amount you pay for your car insurance, according to research by ... read more »

Insurer's top ten tips for a safe journey

Driving can be dangerous - but staying alert on the road isn't the only way to stay safe. Taking the right steps before you even set off can seriously reduce the chances of anything going wrong. Insurance provider AXA has published its 'ten top tips for getting home safely'. ... read more »

Millionth uninsured vehicle to be seized today

Today should be a bit of a milestone for police - they're expecting to seize their millionth uninsured vehicle. ... read more »

How can a smartphone cut your insurance premium?

When you hear a story with the words 'money-saving' and 'smartphone', you'd probably assume it's to do with a price-comparison app of some kind. You'd probably be right too - but not in this case. Aviva's trialling an idea that could help motorists save up to 20% on their insurance premiums by proving they're safe behind the wheel. ... read more »

Average car insurance premium 'now over 1,000'

The average cost of insuring your car on comprehensive cover rose to 1,034 by the end of this year's second quarter. This represents an 8.5% increase over 12 months, according to the most up to date figures from the AA British Insurance Premium Index. ... read more »

Fewer accidents but personal injury claims soar

Insurance analysts have warned that the rise in personal injury claims in 2011 - despite a drop in actual road accidents - is going to pass on expensive premiums to customers, reports the BBC. ... read more »

Insurance firms & DVLA to fight fraud together

Insurance companies and the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) have agreed to work together to make sure insurers always get the right information, fighting fraud and saving honest motorists money.... read more »

What is an insurance underwriter?

28 June 2021
Insurance underwriters determine how much cover you can get and how much you can be charged for it. ... read more »

Whiplash & insurance: a different view

You may have seen the stories about whiplash and insurance recently - in fact, we've had a couple on this site. Each year, over half a million people claim for whiplash injuries, adding up to a total of over 2 billion, and there's a widespread feeling that not all those claims are genuine. ... read more »

21 money-saving ideas for your car

22 June 2021
Your car is probably the second-most expensive purchase you'll make in your lifetime, after a house, so here are 21 simple money-saving ideas for car owners.... read more »

Uninsured drivers risk penalty unless vehicle is SORN

The Post Office wants to raise awareness that uninsured drivers are breaking the law - even if they don't drive their car - unless they register it as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). If your car isn't insured, you must have it registered as SORN, or you could be fined anything up to 1,000 - even if you don't drive it. ... read more »

10 million Brits driving abroad 'could risk breaking the law'

As the weather in the UK turns bad, millions of Brits are dreaming about their summer getaway. Around 10 million of us will be driving abroad this summer, but research by AXA car insurance suggests that millions could risk breaking the law because of lack of preparation. ... read more »

Drivers 'won't lose no-claim discount or excess' if hit by uninsured driver

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) has calculated that about 1 in 25 drivers on our roads are uninsured. These uninsured drivers are five times more likely to have been in a collision on the roads, and they are ten times more likely to have a conviction for drink driving. They cost the insurance industry about 380 million every year. ... read more »

Young drivers could pay 18% of salary for insurance

Drivers aged 66-70 have the cheapest car insurance, according to research by and Towers Watson. ... read more »

Whiplash claims 'add 90 to average car insurance policy'

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) says that whiplash claims totalled 2 billion last year, which it claims adds 90 to the average car insurance policy of 440. ... read more »

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