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What's caused 'record rise' in motor insurance fraud?

Every week, we hear, insurance providers are unearthing 865 motor insurance claims (worth over 10 million in total) that are dishonest. ... read more »

What is an insurance underwriter?

28 June 2021
Insurance underwriters determine how much cover you can get and how much you can be charged for it. ... read more »

Buildings insurance claims 'nearly doubled in storms'

The stormy weather in winter 2011 saw a 56% increase in buildings insurance claims. ... read more »

What is a life insurance underwriter?

15 May 2021
A life insurance underwriter decides whether to give you life insurance, and how much your monthly premiums will cost. ... read more »

3.5 million homeowners 'missing some home insurance'

According to research from, almost 3.5 million homeowners in the UK are putting their home and its contents at risk by not having adequate home insurance cover. ... read more »

When will life insurance not pay out?

8 May 2021
Even if you are benefiting from the security of a life insurance policy, you may worry about the circumstances in which it might not pay out. ... read more »

Whiplash claims 'add 90 to average car insurance policy'

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) says that whiplash claims totalled 2 billion last year, which it claims adds 90 to the average car insurance policy of 440. ... read more »

10 easy ways to invalidate your insurance

The Telegraph has produced a top 10 list of ways you could invalidate any of the common insurance policies you'll find in the UK. ... read more »

ABI calls for action to reduce insurance costs

28 February 2021
The Government needs to reform the compensation system to cut fixed legal fees and bring down the cost of motor insurance. So says the ABI: read more here.... read more »

Average wait on life insurance payouts `to drop to four weeks`

The average time bereaved families have to wait for life insurance payments is to be cut from four months to four weeks, after the Association of British Insurers (ABI) issued new guidelines to life insurance providers. ... read more »

December freeze: nearly half a million turned to insurance

The freezing conditions this winter led to all kinds of problems, from pipes bursting to cars skidding and potholes forming. During the coldest December since records began, nearly half a million people turned to their insurance.... read more »

Insurance claims `more than doubled during cold weather`

December`s cold weather led to a significant increase in insurance claims on property and vehicles, with a total of 1.4bn claimed that month, figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) show.... read more »

Cold weather leads to increase in home insurance claims

Lloyds TSB Insurance has reported that the recent snow and cold weather have led to a `sevenfold increase` in home insurance claims for frozen and burst pipes.... read more »

Insurance claims soar as winter weather hits UK

The winter weather has led to a surge in insurance claims over the last week, according to AXA Insurance.... read more »

Older female drivers `paying more for insurance`

Women aged over 60 make more insurance claims and therefore pay more than their male counterparts, according to research from Guardian Money.... read more »

Rise in burglaries makes home insurance vital

The rise in burglaries means it`s `criminal` to cut back on insurance, says the Association of British Insurers. ... read more »

Insurance fraud `at record levels`

In the midst of the recession, we`re seeing record levels of fraudulent insurance claims, according to the association that `represents the collective interests of the UK`s insurance industry`.... read more »

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