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Cost of home insurance falling

With inflation high and the recent news that we're back in recession, consumers might be relieved to hear that not everything is getting more expensive. According to recent research into annual buildings and contents insurance policies, these policies are, on average, cheaper now than they were at the start of the year.... read more »

What is term life insurance?

21 March 2021
If you only want life insurance for a certain period of time, you may consider term life insurance. ... read more »

How much debt do you need for a DRO?

30 August 2011
A DRO (Debt Relief Order) is a low-cost insolvency solution that could help you if you have a significant amount of unsecured debt you can't afford to repay - as well as few assets and low available income.... read more »

Capping the cost of debt?

18 January 2011
Today, a Commons committee will look at the cost of debt. Specifically, they`ll be discussing the need for new regulation in the home credit market - and the possibility of capping the cost of payday loans.... read more »

Mortgage / rent payment `biggest expense` for over-55s

9 December 2010
For people who are over 55, the cost of housing - their monthly mortgage or rent bill - tends to be the largest expense they pay on a monthly basis.... read more »

Low mortgage repayments help drive down household costs

15 November 2010
The overall average cost of running a home has dropped by almost 14% in the last two years, according to Sainsbury`s Home Insurance.... read more »

0% credit cards could cut the cost of Christmas

26 October 2010
For many people, especially those raising a family, Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year. ... read more »

How much will I repay on a debt management plan?

29 September 2010
You`ll have to repay everything you owe on a debt management plan, but it will be at a more manageable pace. ... read more »

Cost of fixed-rate mortgages continues to drop

10 June 2010
According to figures from the Bank of England, the cost of short-term fixed-rate mortgages dropped to a record low in May, as `competition continued to return to the market`, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Cost of student loans `should rise`

14 May 2010
Graduates should pay a higher rate of interest on their student loans to avoid leaving the UK`s top universities heavily in debt, according to a leading research group.... read more »

Fuel duty increase ups cost of motoring

UK motorists are being faced with increasingly high running costs as the price of petrol continues to rise - further fuelled by today`s 1p rise in fuel duty.... read more »

How much does an IVA cost?

30 March 2010
An IVA can be an effective way of clearing unmanageable debts. The fees involved won`t affect how much you pay each month.... read more »

How much does debt consolidation cost?

29 September 2009
Debt consolidation can be a good way for people in debt to reduce their outgoings and simplify their finances.... read more »

Retail sales beat expectations

21 May 2009
The latest retail sales statistics have exceeded analysts` expectations, suggesting that consumers may be becoming less worried about debt and more confident about spending.... read more »

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