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How long does debt stay on your credit report in the UK?

5 September 2021
Unsecured debt remains on your credit report while it is current. Once it's settled, records remain there for six years.... read more »

'Get a credit card in your own name for credit history' says Noddle

21 May 2021
According to credit report service Noddle, there are seven million 'credit virgins' in the UK at the moment - adults with no credit history. ... read more »

Do credit scores transfer overseas?

9 May 2021
Your credit score is an important part of your financial history - even when you move abroad.... read more »

Why can't I get a basic bank account?

4 May 2021
There may be a bank account open to you, even if you have a poor credit history. ... read more »

What is a jam-jar bank account?

29 April 2021
If you have a poor credit history, you struggle with bills, or you just want some help managing your money, you may benefit from a jam-jar account.... read more »

Could your housemate's credit history affect your chances of getting a mortgage?

23 March 2021
Credit reference agency Experian has revised plans to include rent payment history on people's credit records, after it was revealed that people's credit ratings could be affected by other tenants in the household. ... read more »

Will a Trust Deed affect my credit rating?

16 February 2021
A Trust Deed could be the ideal solution for you, if you're a Scottish resident with significant unsecured debts that you can't afford to repay in a reasonable timeframe. But how will it affect your credit rating?... read more »

Could a credit card help 'repair' your credit rating?

13 February 2021
The charity National Debtline has said that it currently deals with five times as many cases involving a payday loan as it did 18 months ago, This is Money reports - due in part to people with a damaged credit rating looking for alternative forms of credit. ... read more »

Thinking of applying for a loan? How's your credit rating?

8 February 2021
It's a well-known fact that a poor credit rating can affect your chances of getting the loan, credit card, mortgage or bank account that you're applying for. But how many people are damaging their credit rating by missing bills? ... read more »

Will an IVA affect my credit rating?

1 February 2021
An IVA could be the ideal approach to repaying unsecured debts you can no longer afford at a realistic pace. But how will it affect your credit rating?... read more »

Interest rate 'not the only consideration when choosing a loan'

10 January 2021
When choosing a loan, most people will hope to get the lowest interest rate possible to help keep down their repayments. But interest is just one of many factors people should consider when looking for a loan, according to Defaqto. ... read more »

Will claiming loan insurance damage my credit rating?

22 June 2011
Claiming on your loan insurance won't damage your credit rating - in fact, it could protect it. Here's our guide to how it works. ... read more »

Debt management: what are the consequences?

7 June 2011
Debt management plans are designed to help with unmanageable debts, but there are a few consequences you should consider before you go ahead. ... read more »

Is debt consolidation bad for your credit rating?

25 May 2011
Taking out a debt consolidation loan won`t damage your credit rating, and could actually help you protect it. However, other debt solutions that consolidate your monthly payments will affect your credit score. ... read more »

How to improve a bad credit history

11 April 2011
A poor credit score can get in the way of applications you make for financial products - but it doesn`t have to be that way. There are ways you could improve your credit score to strengthen your chances of being accepted.... read more »

What causes a bad credit history?

5 April 2011
Having a poor credit history can affect your chances of being accepted for a bank account. A whole range of things could damage your credit score. It`s important to understand these so you can avoid making mistakes when looking after your money.... read more »

How long will an IVA stay on my credit history?

23 March 2010
An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) could be the right debt solution for you if you`re struggling with debts that you can`t see yourself being able to repay. But it`ll also have a big impact on your credit rating.... read more »

No credit check bank account

4 August 2009
If you have a bad credit history, you may have found it difficult to open a bank account.... read more »

How long will an IVA/debt management plan stay on my credit history?

1 June 2009
For people struggling with unmanageable debt, debt solutions such as an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) or a debt management plan can be a `lifeline`, helping them regain control of their finances and look forward to a debt-free future.... read more »

Student loan defaults to appear on credit reports

5 May 2009
The Student Loans Company (SLC), the organisation responsible for loans to higher education students in the UK, has said it will start reporting missed payments to credit reference agencies.... read more »

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