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How long does debt stay on your credit report in the UK?

5 September 2021
Unsecured debt remains on your credit report while it is current. Once it's settled, records remain there for six years.... read more »

Helpful parents leave 'children' with no credit history

25 June 2021
A quarter of parents have taken out credit for their grown-up kids, according to Credit report service Noddle warns young adults that they could be shooting themselves in the foot by not creating their own credit histories. ... read more »

Do credit scores combine when married?

24 May 2021
Your credit score won't be directly affected if you get married, but entering into any joint financial arrangements could affect your finances in the future.... read more »

Is your partner money minded or a bad budgeter?

14 May 2021
What do people think of their partner's financial skills? If you're considering sharing your financial responsibilities with someone else, it's an important question.... read more »

Do credit scores transfer overseas?

9 May 2021
Your credit score is an important part of your financial history - even when you move abroad.... read more »

What is a credit rating agency?

2 May 2021
How do credit rating agencies affect you, and what information is available to them?... read more »

Does debt consolidation affect your credit rating?

20 April 2021
Taking out a debt consolidation loan could make repaying your debts simpler - but it's always important to consider the effect something will have on your credit rating.... read more »

Happy Valentine's Day darling - now tell me your credit rating

10 February 2021
More than a quarter of couples would want to know their partner's credit rating before embarking on any kind of joint credit agreement. So is romance dead, or are people just more sensible these days?... read more »

149% surge in people checking their credit file

20 September 2011
... read more »

Loans & your credit history

27 July 2011
Nationwide is currently the only lender on the high street to offer what's called a 'soft quote facility'.... read more »

New website to offer free credit reports

20 June 2011
A new website is to offer free access to credit reports, starting this autumn. For people who want to keep an eye on their credit rating, this could be a convenient way of doing just that without paying for the service.... read more »

How to improve a bad credit history

11 April 2011
A poor credit score can get in the way of applications you make for financial products - but it doesn`t have to be that way. There are ways you could improve your credit score to strengthen your chances of being accepted.... read more »

How will a debt management plan affect my credit rating?

23 August 2010
A debt management plan could really help you if you`re struggling with debts you can no longer afford to repay, but reducing the repayments you originally agreed to make will have an impact on your credit rating.... read more »

Can I borrow money after a debt management plan?

22 June 2010
You may have trouble borrowing money after a debt management plan, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.... read more »

Student loan defaults to appear on credit reports

5 May 2009
The Student Loans Company (SLC), the organisation responsible for loans to higher education students in the UK, has said it will start reporting missed payments to credit reference agencies.... read more »

10.3m 'reliant on borrowing to cover costs'

9 February 2009
New research from the Post Office has suggested that 10.3m British citizens are reliant on credit - potentially including loans - to pay for everyday living expenses.... read more »

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