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I need help with money - what should I do?

25 September 2021
If you're looking for help with your money, you could start by making a budget and seeing how much help you actually need.... read more »

How Britain feels about debt and the recession

25 July 2021
Debt, falling incomes and dissatisfaction - this is Great Britain in the recession, according to research by consumer group Which?.... read more »

What would you tell your 20-year-old self about debt?

24 July 2021
As the saying goes, hindsight can be a wonderful thing - and Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net Report has revealed some interesting things about what financial advice we'd give ourselves if we were 20 years old again.... read more »

How long does an IVA last for?

12 July 2021
Certain factors could affect the length of your IVA.... read more »

How to find out how much debt you owe

11 July 2021
You can find out how much you owe by contacting your lenders, checking your credit record, reading your bills and reading letters from lenders.... read more »

What can debt collectors not do?

27 June 2021
When they're collecting your debts, there are certain things that debt collectors aren't allowed to do.... read more »

What happens to your debt if you go to prison?

22 June 2021
How can you deal with your debt while you're in prison?... read more »

Catalogue debts - read the small print

20 June 2021
Thousands of people are asking for debt help after falling behind with catalogue debts. In fact, the Money Advice Trust (MAT) claims that catalogue debt problems outnumber mortgage, rent and even the often talked-about payday loan problems. ... read more »

Debt management plans explained

18 May 2021
A debt management plan could help you to reduce your monthly debt repayments to an affordable level.... read more »

Can debt consolidation stop demands from your lenders?

11 May 2021
Certain types of debt consolidation can stop demands from your lenders - in different ways. ... read more »

Will debt collectors come to my house?

10 May 2021
Here is an explanation of who debt collectors are and why they would visit someone at their home.... read more »

What is the difference between a DRO and bankruptcy?

4 May 2021
This article explains the differences between two types of insolvency solution: DROs and bankruptcy.... read more »

What is a debt solution?

4 May 2021
There are many different kinds of debt solution, and they are all designed to help you with debt in different ways. ... read more »

How to apply for an IVA

1 May 2021
Read our guide to how to apply for an IVA if you're struggling with serious unsecured debts.... read more »

Debt consolidation loans explained

23 April 2021
We explain what debt consolidation loans are and how they work.... read more »

Is debt consolidation a government-backed solution?

23 April 2021
Debt consolidation could give you a way out of debt at a realistic pace - even though debt consolidation loans aren't 'government-backed'.... read more »

'Growing need' for debt advice in Wales

12 March 2021
Debt problems amongst people living in Wales could surge over the next few years, the Money Advice Trust has warned. ... read more »

R3: Only one in thirteen struggling borrowers plan to get help

5 March 2021
Just one in thirteen borrowers who have concerns about their debts plan to get help dealing with them, according to the latest Personal Debt Snapshot report by insolvency trade body R3.... read more »

Women `more likely to seek debt help than men`

21 January 2011
Women are more likely to seek help with their debts than men, two debt charities have said, despite the fact that men are more likely to go bankrupt.... read more »

Could a debt management plan help me?

4 November 2010
A debt management plan can be a very effective way of tackling unmanageable unsecured debt repayments. ... read more »

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