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How long does debt stay on your credit report in the UK?

5 September 2021
Unsecured debt remains on your credit report while it is current. Once it's settled, records remain there for six years.... read more »

Will a debt management plan stop me getting a mortgage?

23 July 2021
Agreeing a debt management plan will affect your credit rating for up to six years - which could affect your ability to get a mortgage.... read more »

Is it possible to get a debt management plan if on benefits?

18 June 2021
If your income from benefits is high enough, you may be able to start a debt management plan. If not, there are other debt solutions available. ... read more »

Will debt follow you abroad?

29 May 2021
Will debts incurred in the UK follow you if you move abroad? How could those debts affect your life in a new country?... read more »

What happens if I want to cancel a debt management plan?

28 May 2021
You don't sign a contract when you start a debt management plan, so you can cancel it at any time - but you should be mindful of the consequences on your finances. ... read more »

What is credit card debt management?

17 May 2021
What does credit card debt management mean? Is it different to 'standard' debt management?... read more »

What are the benefits of debt management?

11 May 2021
A debt management plan can come with several benefits for struggling borrowers who need to enter one.... read more »

What does debt consolidation mean?

10 April 2021
You may have heard the phrase 'debt consolidation' - but it actually has two, quite different, meanings.... read more »

Will a debt management plan pay off all my debts?

5 April 2021
If you can't afford to repay your debts as agreed, could a debt management give you a realistic way of repaying everything you owe?... read more »

Will debt management affect my spouse?

16 February 2021
A debt management plan could affect your partner's finances if you have joint financial commitments, like a mortgage or bank account. However, this doesn't mean your partner will have to pay towards the debt management plan.... read more »

Debt and recession: managing your debts in a downturn

12 December 2011
If you're struggling with your finances, debt management could provide an affordable path out of debt - and with all the predictions we're hearing about upcoming problems in the UK economy, money management is looking more important than ever.... read more »

How a debt management plan works

12 September 2011
A debt management plan could help you to get back on top of unsecured debts that you can no long afford to repay as originally agreed.... read more »

What is a temporary payment arrangement?

9 September 2011
Sometimes, people just can't keep up with the debt repayments they originally agreed to make. If that happens, their lenders might agree to let them repay the money in a different way.... read more »

Why debt management?

8 September 2011
If you can no longer keep on top of your unsecured debts, a debt management plan could be the ideal approach to regaining control of your finances.... read more »

What types of debt can I tackle with a debt management plan?

7 September 2011
A debt management plan could help you repay your unsecured debts at an affordable rate.... read more »

A look at Scottish debt solutions

29 July 2011
There are various debt solutions available only to Scottish residents, such as DAS, Trust Deeds and LILA. Here's a quick rundown of what each of those solutions involves. ... read more »

Can I do a 'DIY' debt management plan?

25 July 2011
Does it make sense to arrange your own debt management plan. Read on for a look at this question.... read more »

Do I actually need a debt management plan?

29 June 2011
A list of debt management plan benefits and a look at the kind of people who could benefit from debt management.... read more »

Debt management: what are the consequences?

7 June 2011
Debt management plans are designed to help with unmanageable debts, but there are a few consequences you should consider before you go ahead. ... read more »

Will debt management affect my mortgage payments?

24 May 2011
A debt management plan can help people afford their essential monthly costs - such as their mortgage payments.... read more »

Fees payable when continuing service is provided. Repaying debt over a longer period may increase the total amount to be repaid. Calls are recorded and are usually free from UK landlines. Mobile phone users may be charged and should check with their service provider. Cards are provided by third parties and are subject to eligibility, status and terms and conditions. Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 or over.