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Do you need debt management?

16 July 2021
Debt management can help people who are struggling to pay their bills because of their unsecured debts. ... read more »

Debt management: an affordable way out of debt?

12 July 2021
If you can no longer afford to repay your unsecured debts as agreed, a debt management plan could lower your payments to a level you can afford... read more »

At what stage in a debt management plan are debts written off?

28 May 2021
A debt management plan is not designed to allow you to write off your debts - it's designed to help you repay them more easily. ... read more »

Will my employer find out if I get a debt management plan?

22 May 2021
If you're considering a debt management plan you may be wondering who will find out about it. ... read more »

Can I get an IVA if I live abroad?

21 May 2021
If you live abroad and have UK debt, you may be able to clear it with an IVA. ... read more »

Debt management plans explained

18 May 2021
A debt management plan could help you to reduce your monthly debt repayments to an affordable level.... read more »

What documents do I need for a debt management plan?

17 May 2021
Here is a summary of the documents you'll need to apply for a debt management plan and how to find out whether a debt management plan is right for you.... read more »

How long is a debt management plan?

17 May 2021
Three major reasons why a debt management plan can vary in length. Read more here.... read more »

Money problems: what can I do?

1 May 2021
Here are a few ideas about what to do if you're struggling with money. ... read more »

What is the difference between a debt management plan & a Debt Relief Order?

30 April 2021
A debt management plan and a Debt Relief Order (DRO) are two very different debt solutions.... read more »

Can I get a debt management plan with a mortgage?

30 April 2021
Will a debt management plan affect your mortgage? Click here to find out.... read more »

Debt management plans for payday loans

28 April 2021
Debt management could help you to repay payday loans in full at a rate you can afford.... read more »

Life after debt management

27 April 2021
Managing your money yourself after completing a debt management plan could take some getting used to. Some tips to help you make sure you don't end up 'back where you started'.... read more »

Do companies write off debt they can't collect?

16 April 2021
Here we'll look at some ways you might be able to write off unsecured debt you can't afford to repay.... read more »

Why is debt management important?

13 April 2021
Managing your debts successfully can go a long way to reducing the likelihood of debt problems further down the line.... read more »

Budgeting on a debt management plan

2 April 2021
You could repay your unsecured debts more quickly on a debt management plan if you are able to cut back on non-essential spending. Speak to one of our debt advisers to discuss your options.... read more »

How should I deal with my debts?

28 March 2021
Here we'll look at a few ideas for dealing with your debt, depending on what situation you're in.... read more »

Can I get a debt management plan if I am self-employed?

21 February 2021
Can you get a debt management plan if you're self-employed?... read more »

How debt management plans work

27 January 2021
Read on for a brief guide to how debt management plans work, including how payments are calculated and kept affordable.... read more »

What is a debt management plan?

2 December 2011
A debt management plan is an informal agreement between you and your lenders to repay your debt at a rate you can afford. Read more here.... read more »

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