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Millions approaching retirement 'not saving enough'

19 September 2021
New research this month, from the Aviva Real Retirement Series, indicates that millions of people approaching retirement age aren't saving for the future. ... read more »

27% 'pessimistic about personal debt'

8 August 2021
Recent research by the financial advisory group Deloitte found that people were increasingly pessimistic about their personal debt over the first two quarters of this year. 22% were down about debt in the first quarter, but by the second quarter 27% were. ... read more »

86% 'will struggle to put kids through university'

18 July 2021
A survey of 1,004 students and would-be students by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) found that over half of them (54%) think they'll leave university with upwards of 20,000 of debt. ... read more »

Bailiffs and debt management

17 July 2021
Even if bailiffs are contacting you, you may still be able to reach an agreement with them. A debt management plan could help.... read more »

70% of UK adults 'have debt problems'

29 February 2021
According to research by the Co-operative Bank, over two thirds of UK adults say they're having debt problems, and one third suffer with sleepless nights, tension and low self-esteem because of it.... read more »

Happy Valentine's Day darling - now tell me your credit rating

10 February 2021
More than a quarter of couples would want to know their partner's credit rating before embarking on any kind of joint credit agreement. So is romance dead, or are people just more sensible these days?... read more »

185,000 unemployed 'will be struggling with debts'

14 October 2011
185,000 unemployed people in the UK could be struggling to repay their debts, according to research from the Money Advice Trust (MAT). ... read more »

Can debt management really reduce your stress levels?

7 October 2011
If you're feeling under pressure dealing with your unsecured debts, a debt management plan could take some weight off your shoulders.... read more »

1 in 8 newly unemployed face 'severe debt'

19 September 2011
More than one in eight people who have recently lost their jobs will experience 'severe debt problems' as a result, according to new research reported by WalesOnline.... read more »

Divorce & money

5 September 2011
The number of couples splitting up tends to see an increase during this time of year, leaving many people more vulnerable to debt problems as they face the often expensive divorce procedure, The Independent reports.... read more »

Can debt consolidation solve my debt problems?

18 January 2011
Debt consolidation is a way of combining multiple debts into one to make them more manageable. However, it isn`t really suitable for helping with problem debts - debts you`re really struggling with.... read more »

What are the signs of a debt problem?

3 November 2010
Just because you don`t think you`re struggling with your debts now doesn`t necessarily mean the early signs aren`t there. Here are a few things to look out for. ... read more »

One million `not seeking help with their debt problems`

24 September 2010
One million people struggling with debt have not sought debt help, according to research from insolvency trade body R3. ... read more »

More young people heading for debt problems than older peers

16 June 2010
Young people in debt are far more likely to leave bills unopened and avoid their creditors than the older generations, a report from insolvency trade body R3 claims.... read more »

Unemployed and in debt

26 December 2009
Debt is not always a bad thing. So long as you can afford all your repayments, and you can see how you`ll repay what you owe, you needn`t face any problems, and your credit rating should be safe from the kind of damage which missing payments can cause.... read more »

Debt, stress and your health

10 December 2009
Being in debt can be stressful for anyone. But how do you know when your debt is too much? When you miss one payment, or receive a final demand from your lenders, perhaps?... read more »

12 million Britons `struggle to cope with bills`

25 September 2009
A new report has claimed that around 12 million Britons are currently struggling to cope with their monthly bills - putting them at risk of debt problems.... read more »


18 August 2009
IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) and DROs (Debt Relief Orders) are two forms of insolvency - two ways of legally acknowledging that you can`t repay the money you owe.... read more »

Government measures target personal debt problems

13 July 2009
The Government has laid out plans to assist people facing debt problems, according to the BBC.... read more »

Bradford: Yorkshire`s `debt capital`

9 July 2009
Bradford has been named Yorkshire`s `debt capital`, with over a quarter of all enquiries about financial worries coming from the area, according to The Telegraph & Argus.... read more »

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