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Millions approaching retirement 'not saving enough'

19 September 2021
New research this month, from the Aviva Real Retirement Series, indicates that millions of people approaching retirement age aren't saving for the future. ... read more »

Where can I find a debt calculator?

24 July 2021
You can find two debt calculators on this page, one for mortgages and one for loans. ... read more »

67% of British teens worry about getting into debt

23 July 2021
More than two thirds (67%) of teenagers in the UK are anxious about getting into debt, according to a study recently carried out by Young Enterprise and Opinium Research.... read more »

What are Brits' biggest financial regrets of 2011?

6 January 2021
The New Year is traditionally a time when we take stock of our finances, and consider how we can improve them for the year ahead. Of course, that means looking at the bad as well as the good - and for the second year running, first direct has asked British adults for their biggest financial regrets.... read more »

185,000 unemployed 'will be struggling with debts'

14 October 2011
185,000 unemployed people in the UK could be struggling to repay their debts, according to research from the Money Advice Trust (MAT). ... read more »

Record fall in disposable family income

28 September 2011
Asda's chief executive says 'British families have never had it so tough.' Asda's monthly 'Income Tracker' indicates the largest drop in monthly disposable income for households since its records began in January.... read more »

Facing debt collectors? You have rights.

15 September 2011
... read more »

What types of debt can I tackle with a debt management plan?

7 September 2011
A debt management plan could help you repay your unsecured debts at an affordable rate.... read more »

Rush to avoid higher student debts

19 August 2011
A record number of A-level students are competing for places at university this year - with many trying to avoid 2021's rise in tuition fees and predicted increase in student debt, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Debt worries 'affecting half the population'

15 August 2011
R3's 'Personal Debt Snapshot' for July has found that almost half of people in the UK are concerned about their debts. ... read more »

Average UK student debts 'could double' in 2021

12 August 2011
Average debts for UK students may rise to 53,000 for those starting university in 2021 - 'double' this year's figure, according to the annual Push National Student Debt Survey.... read more »

Base rate on hold: could loan rates benefit?

11 August 2011
Following the Bank of England's latest inflation report, it is widely believed that the UK base rate could be held at 0.5% until 2013 - potentially good news for borrowers.... read more »

How much are your energy bills rising?

10 August 2011
Could you be one of the thousands of households facing higher energy bill increases than you expected? According to Money Mail and based on figures from comparison site TheEnergyShop, many customers on cheap tariffs face a price rise almost double the average announced by energy suppliers.... read more »

Northern Ireland: a look at individual insolvencies

9 August 2011
Personal insolvencies in Northern Ireland saw an increase in 2011's second quarter, according to the latest statistics from the Insolvency Service.... read more »

Scotland: a look at personal insolvencies

8 August 2011
Personal insolvencies in Scotland hit an overall total of 5,319 in 2011's second quarter, according to the latest insolvency figures released by The Insolvency Service last week.... read more »

What is LILA?

2 August 2011
A look at what the Low Income, Low Asset (LILA) route into bankruptcy is and how it works.... read more »

Paying on plastic abroad: the cost of debt

29 July 2011
British holidaymakers risk racking up over 457 million in fees by using their credit card - or taking out cash with a debit card - when abroad, according to the independent comparison website read more »

A look at Scottish debt solutions

29 July 2011
There are various debt solutions available only to Scottish residents, such as DAS, Trust Deeds and LILA. Here's a quick rundown of what each of those solutions involves. ... read more »

USA faces debt crisis

28 July 2011
The USA's national debt has reached a critical point. Unless Congress agrees to raise its 'debt ceiling' (the maximum amount of debt the country's actually allowed to carry), the USA will run out of spending money on Tuesday!... read more »

Spending Power improves in Q2

27 July 2011
The Spending Power Report, from Lloyds TSB, indicates that household finances improved in Q2. However, an improvement is not being felt yet as household finances had previously dropped to a particularly low level.... read more »

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